An Important Study in Human Behavior and A Prediction of Things to Come

A link worth your effort to study, but first a short introduction.

Al Gores’s September 14th 2011 (24 hours of Reality) never made it onto the radar screen for average folks, and I think there’s a Prophecy to be made if we study the results.

We’ve watched Al Gore divide the Crowd for years, we’ve seen his anger, his accusations of others ‘playing on our fears”. We’ve seen his entire party (Democrats) do whatever necessary to avoid being photographed with Al Gore. Politically, he’s been poision for years, and most of us knew it was only a matter of time before he became poison in the movement he has lead (AGW).

As you read this article note this quote: Shanahan was blunt in his opinion of Gore: “Climate Change needs a Gandhi or a Martin Luther King or a Mandela, and Al Gore is none of those.”

Most of us have understood this from the very beginning, but perhaps our reasoning is different from Shanahan’s. The AGW agument is NOT supported by Scientific Evidence, and it is more like a religious conviction and needs a Charismatic leader who can bring people together.

Here’s the article you need consider making  time to read.

Now for the Prediction:

Many of Algores followers picked up his cause as a religious conviction, it certainly didn’t hurt that the goals of the AGW alarmists were totally aligned with their own thinking, and that was to transfer power and decision making from individuals and other entities to Government. Government.. the creators of wealth and prosperity, those who can create any amount of money just by rolling  the printing presses.

We might ask, what is the difference between Al Gore’s message and that of Barrack Obama’s?  “Pass this Bill Now!” We all know the bill is all about doing more of what has failed in the past, and furthermore, we understand that this is >exactly< the plan Russian Officials used to bring total ecomonic collapse to their country!

Barrack, it seems everytime you open your mouth, it’s an effort to divide us, what’s the difference between your plan and Al Gores. Barrack is next to jump the Shark.

See Al in Action:

Gore: Global warming skeptics are this generation’s racists

And, maybe you’ll ask, what’s the EPA up to? Why.. the answer is they are full speed ahead in their attempts to bring Al’s dream to reality, and fill his coffers to the brim.. with you money of course.


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