“All are equal, but some Pigs are more equal”


In a company far far away and in a past time: I remember a room full of brand new servers, VME buses, CPUs clocked for warp speeds, and perhaps the coolest front panels in the Galaxy. But there they sat in a brand new room, brand new raised floors, and the best  environmental controls money could buy.

There was just one tiny problem, a small detail for sure; and that was the server was not certified secure. What a blunder it was, no one made that part of the purchase spec? Time dragged on, I took a few friends into that room, it was like a trip to the bridge of the Enterprise, The cutting edge?

So it was.. from the Mail Room Guy to the CEO, no one could find a person who would sign off on putting the most benign information in those servers! So they were junked as scrap!

As an IT person you might ask… why is Hilary not in trouble when you were nearly threatened with your life for doing far less than she did?

We are living Animal Farm. What has come out already is enough to put a normal person in jail..”All are equal but some pigs are more equal”

Have a great weekend!

George B.


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4 Responses to “All are equal, but some Pigs are more equal”

  1. Eric says:

    Hillary is the next POTUS, as much as I hate to say it. The reason is the main stream media are mostly all liberal and the sheeple just eat it up. I hope I am wrong..

  2. Bill Tubesing says:

    Why is she in in jail. Then we have the IRS, homeland security, the Justice Department. Let’s go back to the end of the Clinton administration with Sandy Burger, caught red handed taking secret document hi den in his sock. There is a at least one common denominator here and probably more, I will let the readers come to,their own educated conclusions.

  3. Eric says:

    She SHOULD be in jail, but since most of the media is liberal, she gets a free pass. HILDABEAST is the next president. Unless the hag dies, it is a done deal, imo. I hope i am wrong. It is pitiful as to what our great country has become. There is no truth, fairness, and justice anymore.

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