Your Key to Understanding the Future?

Could it be that most decisions are about money, power and influence? Just where does doing the right thing come to play? 

It wasn’t that long ago I shared some sentiments made by a friend, a first class problem solver. We discussed how decisions are made, and how ‘turf’ plays an important part in so many of them.  After considering all factors, it seems the question that rules the stack becomes…. “What is best for me?.” It’s the rare manager or politician who risks putting himself out of a job, even if that is the right thing for a company, or a country. 

A great talk at google   .. your focus should be on the politics first view, watch it a second time to follow the argument of technology.

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The future is clear, we are squandering the wealth of our nation, the wealth that took 200 years to create, countless lives, and blood and guts, and don’t forget all the minerals we took from the ground. When you waste a dollar, you waste all the things that created it!   Our Grandchildren will ask, who built these piles of waste ¹, and where did all the money go? “I’ve signed no papers, I’ll not carry your debt… there’s no guards at the border yet!”

As Germany invests in Fairy Dust, the French are gearing up to sell them bread to eat.

Government is no more than the people in charge at the moment, what battles will be fought, and over what? I think you already know.  Those who have Hydro and/or Nukes WILL have bread to eat and sell.

note 1: Fields full of Solar PV and Wind Turbines long since broke and in disrepair, giant monoliths under engineered, and unable to endure the rigors of their environment long enough to provide a real return on investment.





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3 Responses to Your Key to Understanding the Future?

  1. Harold says:

    I’m celebrating! My future is secure.

    Bowling Green Daily News reports:
    “PARK CITY – The company that made thousands of solar panels that were installed in Scotty’s Industrial Park in Bowling Green will open an assembly facility in Edmonson County.”

    And—they have a track record cost of an amazing $3 per watt—installed.
    (See article at link below—“That $6 million project involved the installation of two 1 megawatt systems, one of which came online in August and the other in October.”)
    I am overwhelmed!!! I’ll be watching this one. We’re getting a Solar Panel factory just 6 miles from my house. Just look at all the economic boost they’re bringing with them:

    “The chamber estimates that property taxes will increase by more than $107,000, and expenses for mortgages and housing rent will exceed more than $440,000. Household spending will increase by more than $3 million during those three years as well. This additional spending includes $417,000 for meals in and outside of the home, $224, 000 in utility costs, $202,000 in new and used vehicle purchases and vehicle repairs, $104,000 in cash contributions and $98,000 in home furnishings and appliances.” (How do they Know that?)

    Story at:

    • George B. says:


      If you put ‘taggart solar’ in a google search, you get a fairly long string of matches.. of interest is there’s a few other companies that seem to carry some kind of ‘tag’ for taggart. One such is south sound, but isn’t it noteworthy they don’t seem to advertise their own web site?


      This is from my own state of Washington, and I find it amusing this company advertises that the state of washington has 30% more sun than Germany! In reality, our state has two very distinct climates, and things in between. take Yakima and far east of here for instance, you’ll find scorpions, and cactus too! On the west side of the cascade mountains where southsound likely operates, there’s rain forrests with trees full of lush moss, lichens too. Can you imagine just how differently Solar PV performs, and what your return on investment will be in comparision to our sun belt? My solar investment in our off grid site is on the fringe of decent solar performance on the east side of the mountains (Easton). Of course this is by my measure, and I am not trying to sell you my wares.

      Now we might ask.. just how was that 30% more figured, and is it over the areas South Sound operates out of, or does that include the arid areas in the ‘other world’ to our east, and an average? We might also ask.. “Who would brag that they enjoy more solar potential than Germany, and isn’t that most any place?” How is that investment working out for the German people?

      Five to ten year payback? Washingotn State rich in subsities and incentives to invest? It does remind me of Germany, and the stories making news there today, those who understand the technology say it’s best that we install this equipment where the sun shines bright, like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and more, but Germany? there is a truth here, and that is we in Washington State have many people that will invest >all of your money< in anything green. Our politicians know the score, and they harvest votes from those who want to believe in magic so badly. Not far from the utterpower shop are PV panels. How lonely they must be, they live to dance with the sun, but seldom does it drop through the clouds to say hello yet alone stay to dance. I guess that's why it's so green here, the Evergreen State they say. My panels in the East love that golden brown, the green is at their feet for such a short time each year. The sun dances on sage for one, and where it spends the day, you'll see the signs on buildings, wood turns golden, and so much more.. and none of that happens here..

      • Harold says:

        Try finding out the background of Taggart Solar. Their website,, brings up this jewel of information:

        This Website is Currently Unavailable
        The website you are trying to view is not currently available. This could be for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is that we have been assigned the exciting task of creating a masterpiece for them.
        Please be patient with us while our minions work hard to complete this new website.

        Or—maybe they just don’t want us to know.

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