When Do You Know The Argument Is Over?

When do you know the Argument is over?

When was it you learned of your bias? The concept that we all see the world through our filters and convictions? Are you an expert on warfare, but never been to a battle field? Maybe you think you’re an engineer, but you’ve never turned a wrench?

I really do think there’s two groups of people on earth, those who think everything is easy, and those who think most things not already done are more complicated.

What relationship is there between maturity and knowing your bias? Is it good manners to just look on as the world burns? When is it OK to torch your neighbor’s house to make a point? When is it that thoughtful men did things in a Partisan way and thought it wouldn’t lead to trouble?  It was ACA, and now the CIA?  Is it because they know their opponents are cowards, or that their base will support what history says fails every time?

How many Americans see America as a beast that needs to be carved up? To feast off the carcass, and then?

It was just the other day, I shared some figures shared by another, I think it literally enraged a reader, who quickly found two websites that contradicted that data. Just Minutes later, he explained how I had been snookered, how I was too ignorant to play the game? It took him just minutes to know the game and the reality of it.

I do remember a time, when I was younger, and most things were simple. But at my age, I am skeptical of most things. My filters do suggest it’s wrong when others think it right.  It’s wrong to yell rape just to injure your opponent, and take him out of the ring, like what’s her name did.   But it’s where we get our information that forms our filters that may be a nonpartison question?  It was once history we could count on, but now there’s such a big effort to re-write it.

So let me ask.. If you wanted to peddle your propaganda, what would you call your website? And what would you call the person who went there, and used that information as if it were handed down as the word of God?

Our founders did warn us, that our way of life, our liberties, our freedoms depended on an educated population, And there we need ask another question… Will you allow your children to be educated by those who make every effort to re-write history?

At this very moment, I think the battle is lost, and my filters suggest that all too many have never learned to think.

As a small example, you might visit politifacts.com, and then check out politifactsbias. Just which site will you tout as the word of God? And just what all does a free range chicken eat? And how free is a free range chicken allowed to range?  I do think Evan Sayet best.

George B.

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  1. Craig B says:

    Good morning George.

    After reading your latest post, I thought it appropriate to comment and encourage you with this: your musings are similar to those of many others these days… at least those one would generally consider as well read, critically thinking and empowered individuals.

    As the chairman for a non-partisan, patriotic group of regular citizens that meets weekly to take a participative role in the affairs of community & government, I can say for certain that there are a whole lot of things going on that just don’t make much sense (unless you consider they make complete sense when looked at from another viewpoint…) But, more people seem to be getting the picture as each new absurdity unfolds. Even though it can be difficult to wake people from their slumber, we see more waking up than ever.

    Even though the list of problems sometimes seems endless and there are still too many that see nothing to worry about, unfortunately, or more likely fortunately, there is ALWAYS a day of reckoning. That soon to come day might be the only thing that saves our country from the idiot-savant’s.

    As it’s said: “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    Hang in there George, I’m convinced there are way more thinking people than we realize… they’re just smart enough to keep quiet for the time being.


    • George B. says:

      Craig, just today I was wondering… all those folks back in 1938, so many were quiet, and I’ve often wondered how smart they felt When much of Europe was a pile of rubble and town rabbit was on the menu. As I say, I don’t know, I just wonder..

  2. Roy Taylor says:

    I am reminded of the rapid decline of American values. For me, the turning point was the President’s assassination and has been an erosion since. When I see old Leave It to Beaver episodes showing the way I grew up, I get overwhelmed with nostalgia for that time when moms were home to tend to the important work of PTA, housekeeping, budgeting, and MANAGING THE KIDS with loving disipline, something very lacking when I see those images on the news from places like Ferguson, MO.
    My sister is a school teacher. Her biggest obstacle to lesson giving is the smartphone, which is the tool of satan, as it is the great deciever and distractor from wisdom.
    Anyone can look around. If anyone with a smart phone finds any situation or person boring, regardless of how important or unimportant the event or person may be, he or she is free to disengage at anytime to the mind numbing device.
    I tell her to confiscate them at the start of class. She says she can’t-school won’t let her.
    She gets mad when I ask why anyone would teach a class if they can’t be in charge, and what already useless punk would learn to respect any authority when teachers have their teeth pulled??
    I pray He finds me worthy when He returns…..

    • George B. says:

      Roy, if the folks who tuned in to watch June and Ward Cleaver tuned in to see this administration today, I’m not sure the few good men would escape the mass hanging, they’d have no problem burning the witches too. The French made a machine to administer a cure.

  3. Brian says:

    My 82 year old father has strong political bias. Dad has no internet. All he watches is major network news CBS, NBC, ABC. And maybe a local newspaper. From 50 large media companies in 1993, we shrunk to just 6. Maybe 5, depending on where you find this statistic. These 6 companies spew out mostly the same propaganda. It’s the “nightly propaganda”, not the “nightly news” anymore. Does he ever see Drudge report? NO. TheBlaze.com? NO. Fox news? NO. Even Fox news is beholden to corporatists and are often sell-outs themselves. But he’d never watch that anyway. So Dad is brainwashed. So much so he won’t listen to stories in the real world. When my self-employed Brother discussed his real world experience with the ACA, doubling his premiums, my dad in-effect called him a liar. WOW the brainwashing is so strong it overrides a family member’s honest and genuine real world experience with ACA. Now we don’t talk to Dad about 1st or 2nd amendment. We don’t talk to him about ACA or the recent CIA thing. He just gets VERY angry if we do. We talk about the weather and other benign subjects.

    • George B. says:

      Brian, it reminds me of that younger man who knows his facts are reality, I mean after all, why do they call it politifacts.com? It’s his book of hoyle, never to be questioned! As for ACA, this is part of their reglion, and they are so invested in the Church of big government. Let me share a good speech, made by Senator Mike Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4IDzT_yyYQ#t=57
      I always enjoy what you share..

  4. BP says:

    But at my age, I am skeptical of most things.
    Well don’t be skeptical in things, be young again before sex entered the equation which inevitably messes with any logic you now believe to hold true. Lol

    Mark Z only made $12 billion IPO stock sales of Face Book – that’s some real Wall Street Organic Chicken Broth brought to US by the Federal Reserve Cartel. Who needs sex when paper money can give one just as much an orgasm as reality. Kentucky Bourbon has a hint of Moon Shine in the proofing, a neon light at the end of the tunnel shines among the train wreck in DC. Merry Xmas 🙂

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