Wall Sreet Protests, behind the scenes! Sunday Morning Musings

Why do we need jobs?

Why do we need jobs?

Maybe it all started in Seattle,  a City who believes in harboring illegals and the homeless, even when their budget is broken. Perhaps it’s all about giving everyone the dignity they deserve, to assure they live in reasonable comfort, perhaps to make them a home no matter how much they want to be homeless?

One thing that’s been happening here for years; Seattle has been reluctant to allow the homeless and jobless to camp in prime downtown locations as it discourages those who would visit business establishments in the area. No business, no money to pay the property taxes, city taxes and more. They (the city council) seem to understand where their paychecks come from, at least at times they do.

But… what if you rallied the homeless to protest? Free Speech right?? They move from some camp the city was able to tolerate to downtown right in the middle of the heart of commerce where they (the homeless) wanted to be in the first place!  All you need do is move the same resources that fed them prior to downtown, and that might happen naturally in a caring and compassionate city like Seattle at no cost to MOVEON.ORG.  Imagine how fast the word spreads in the homeless camps, “go down town, you’ll get fed, it’s one big party down there!” Who doesn’t like a party? Especially if you have absolutely nothing better to do! Soon it attracts those who even bath once in a while, but put a mic under their nose, and it’s all the same “you owe me, and I want it now.” I know a guy who supports this movement, and he told me there was one protester that knew why he was there, and FOX NEWS wouldn’t put him on! It did my heart good to know there was at least one.

But what about the Small Businessman who is barely making the payroll in that small shop downtown? What about all the extra unwashed souls who occupy a City Bus Seat in the free ride zone to warm themselves, and perhaps panhandle some money? Maybe even sleep off that bottle of apple wine? Who might not be able to get to the job because the bus had become a homeless camp? Don’t we know they’ll even use the bus as their toilet.

It’s always been easy to rally useful idiots, but so few agree as to who the useful idiots are.. Some will say it’s the homeless drug dependent alcoholics, others might suggest it’s those who support the Protesters.

Here’s your new workforce America, just try to hire one of them 🙂

For you folks who live in the country, you know what a fresh hog pen looks like, the green grass, the dry straw beds, the loafing shed in perfect repair. Doesn’t take long for the pigs to make a mess out of it. and don’t we know, most people with money to spend WILL avoid the hog pen. It’s all so helpful in our economic recovery isn’t it?

For me, it’s just another warning that you need be handy in the future, as we seem to continue to cripple efforts Small Business makes to survive, and we all know this is the heart of American prosperity.


10/25/2011 AM  Good Story From Oakland California

California has had enough of the occupy wall street crowd, they are busting up their camp and arresting them.. certainly, it’s a large expense of the City, but allowing it to go on will certainly kill some small business who have lost the majority of their customers as people avoid the areas of protest, yes, a day they can weather, but to hold and occupy, well that’s a business killer. On TV this AM is the spokesperson, a naive looking girl who says: “This is an illegal act, we’re not camping here, this is a protest and it’s our right to protest anywhere and at any time.

Meanwhile, the present Administration does all they can to take advantage of these protesters, and attempt to demonize Wall Street as the total propblem.

I had a conversation with one guy I thought had a handle on things, then he said: “It’s Wall Street that’s bribing our Politicians, that’s a problem.” I sat there a little dumb founded,did he think Wall Street is the only one bribing our Politicians? How about the Green Scammers just to mention one.

Meanwhile your totally inept Government gives foreign aid to the same country who loans us Billions in an attempt to keep us afloat. Some day, totally inept voters will understand it’s their money the government is handing out like candy.

But there may be a good side to all this, our Grandchildren might be put to work in small American Foundries soon making manhole covers and other things that demand low cost labor to compete, we might be taking jobs from India and other places soon enough!

It’s all a reminder that your Government is in the process of selling your future, and many voters are too ignorant of where wealth comes from. Voters might believe a printing press and a solar panel will power the nation; and perhaps only a bare cupboard will shine light on reality? Plant your garden just in case…

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