Vivian Schiller revisited 03-09-2011

This is a happy day… Please see my previous post BELOW…Vivian got her Walking papers today, but if things turn out the way they should Vivian might be remembered as the person who helped convince America that NPR was not worthy of taxpayer support.

What we are likely to see from the left is a campaign to convince you that Sessame Street will go off the air without taxpayer support, in reality, it makes millions off the endorsement of toys alone.

Let’s keep the pressure on elected officials to trim our Budget, NPR is a great place to start!


This year is full of Contenders for “Dumb Ass Of the Year”… I haven’t seen, nor will I see Jack Ass Three 3D, but here’s a movie where you are likely to find the same caliber of thoughtlessness as Schiller displayed this week.  Maybe the producers of Jackass will offer her a spot in Jackass four 3D driving NPR off a cliff while talking on a cell phone to CAIR?

Vivian, you deserved your own page here, I’m sure you will have a lot of them soon and certainly more visible ones.

NPR, what a liability you carry! Do yourself a favor, and Dump this stupid Coward.

Vivian… I don’t think it is any less disrepectful telling you that I wouldn’t piss down your throat if your guts were on fire than what you did to Juan Williams.

Added Note:

NPR, according to this article, it’ll be easy to get rid of Vivian, no contract? That’s likely a good thing.

George B.

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6 Responses to Vivian Schiller revisited 03-09-2011

  1. Dave H. says:

    Hmmm and I thought I hated the NPB bitch! Kick her out the door with a lead parachute!

    • George B. says:

      According to Vivian, “things need to be tweaked” Here’s a snippet from her apology to NPR employees.

      “The news and media world is changing swiftly and radically; traditional standards and practices are under siege. This requires us to redouble our attention to how we interpret and live up to our values and standards. We will also review and re-articulate our written ethics guidelines to make them as clear and relevant as possible for staff, Member stations and the public, and we will look for productive ways to include many of you in that endeavor”.

      I’m convinced that MS Schiller thinks there are other things that need tweaking, like our constitution, free speech, and more. Who really directs NPR? That’s a question for sure, but the larger question is why do ‘we’ fund this far left entity with our tax money?

      Some here might have argued that we need fund them to assure that they are impartial, but thanks to Vivian’s need to ‘tweak’ things along the way that argument is off the table as we know she’ll even stoop so low as to take George Soros money.

      MS Schiller likely drives a Steam Roller with cruise control to work. A sensitive woman she is not.

  2. Casey M. says:

    I, too, would like to see this person summarily fired.

    To bring down NPR because of this mis-directed employee seems too reactionary to me. Perhaps hiring Juan to take her place is a good solution. Affirmative Action gone good. Practice what you preach NPR.


  3. Burton says:

    I would hate to see Vivian and NPR go off the air. It would be a real loss. How else am I to stay awake driving on those long trips when I need something to so enrage me that all drowsiness disappears? What else could get me shouting at the radio like a madman? But let’s have the leftists pay for it.

  4. Casey M. says:

    Hey that sounds great. I’ll pay for NPR and you pay for the war. Let’s see; how many minutes does the NPR budget item get you in the Department of Defense?

    Incidentally, you might be surprised how many of us junior capitalists enjoy NPR in spite of this stupid decision. Don’t doubt they’ve got my last discretionary dime until there is a major change in the management team.


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