Added note 5/4/2011

Utterpower PMG rest in peace… After a lot of effort, time and money spent, it’s time to scrap my plans to sell additional PMGs.  It’s my opinion that the PMG is now too expensive to build because of the mind boggling rise in the price of rare earth. . If you have one, you have a rarity.

I am working on the idea of selling an E book that will tell the story of this my frustrating adventure..  adventure..


So what’s up with this back order situation??

Many of you are frustrated that you can’t order Utterpower PMGs, the back order is still in place as you likely know.

One of  the problems is getting the quality of materials we need for magnets, and then getting  them charged and certified to meet our rigid standards. Without high quality and very closely matched magnets, we can’t deliver the excellent voltage droop figures we brag about.  There are others who assume that a graded magnet are good enough, and maybe they are for their requirements or product.  I’d rather not sell anything than to sell what I know will be a problem or disappointment to my customer.

We have received another shipment of magnets that do NOT meet our spec….. close, but just not right. If we used them, I’d expect a little too much voltage droop, and likely a higher THD. We’d like to keep our bragging rights on the super low THD we know we can deliver.  There are others who sell PMGs now, I doubt they have the same standards, so maybe they’re in stock there, and maybe they will work for you?

I’m simply not going to promise any more arrival dates, we’ll get the quality when we get it I guess. My apologies.

George B.

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