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When I look over the China-Truck page at utterpower, I think how fortunate a small farmer in China might feel owning such a contraption. David Bradley Marketed a 2W tractor in North America in the 40s-50s?, but I find the Chinese unit to be far heavier. The transaxle is a serious piece of equipment with steering brakes, and more. The tractor assembled weights 800 pounds, the transaxle probably weighs 300 pounds plus all by itself!

As you might guess, I have spent a good deal of time going over pictures of these work horses of China. Western Tourists, tell me they have seen tons of stuff in the attached trailers moving goods around villages and cities; often overloaded to some ridiculous point. We can see that the steering brakes might make all the difference with the tractor trailer combination and anyone who has driven a tractor will understand how easy it is to direct power to the wheel that can make use of it, or how to spin the tractor around with one wheel locked up.

As 2005 came to a close, I received a large crate, and inside I found the GN121Chinese 2W Tractor. Is it  the perfect gift for the man who thought he had everything? Thanks Joel!

As I look over this piece of equipment, I see KISS engineering all over the design. One of the many things I like is the location of the clutch, it is inside the 3V input Pulley mounted high on the transaxle case. It is out in the open, and fully adjustable and rebuild able. Power is transferred from this pulley to the transaxle via a heavy double row chain, all enclosed; and run in oil. The transaxle has a high and low range and a three speed and reverse gear box, this gives us six forward, and two speeds in reverse.

One of the more interesting/useful attachments available is a rototiller, of interest is the third wheel and operators seat that trails the unit, with the approximate 1300 pound bulk of  the combination, it looks like a Merry Tiller on Steroids!

The GN121 is normally powered by the 195 engine that makes 13.38 horsepower at 2200 RPMs, those that are familiar with this engine know it can make torque down low. This particular unit came with the luxury features, full sized battery, electric start, handle bar mounted start switch, headlights, alternator, and more. It would be easy enough to add a heater and AM radio for comfort and entertainment.

The instruction book written in a form of English talks about using the engine to drive pumps, threshers, and other loads with the engine, no doubt, this is commonly done by farmers and others who are fortunate enough to own such a workhorse, flip off the drive belt, flip on a drive shaft or belts, even dismount the VEE pulley, and mount a flat pulley for driving the old

I often think of the Farming family perched on top of the trailer loaded with fresh produce making their way into town. Unlike the animal that once pulled the cart, this unit has a head light, and allows the Farm family more time in town, as they can come back home on the headlight, and there’s even mention of a tail light and brake light for the trailer!

As I write, I think of the disabled Veteran who rode a consumer garden tractor across America, how many times did he have to replace those front wheels/bushings? I don’t recall if he had his reflective triangle outback, but the story I recall didn’t mention the Hi Way Patrol busting him for driving a unapproved unlicensed motor vehicle on the road or right of way.

As I think of this, I ponder morning coffee in Easton Washington, it is typical that the older guys in town get together on Saturday morning and BS, most of the world’s  problems can be discussed here, and solutions are readily discovered. I have driven my Golf Cart to attend this important function on several occasions, This has caused me to ponder the Chinese 2W Tractor and trailer, I have the idea of being the first to show up at coffee driving same.

Maybe, I didn’t mention that this rototiller will hit 15KPH with stock gearing! Utterpower makes a new drive ring base with a 1.5 inch shaft that will accept an SK bushing, use this piece to mount a larger drive pulley, you might get a a speed of 25 miles an hour in top gear! Now this is darned fast for a rototiller..

Now all I need to do is figure out how the trailer is hooked up, if you have a good picture of the union, please think about sending it to me.

Take a look at China’s Truck.

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