Trip to Ron’s place to check out his new Generators and his AMG V12 Hot Rods.

My friend Ron was board one day and attended an auction…. to his surprise, he bought two 3 phase generators instead of one ūüôā¬†¬†One is 30KW¬†NA, the other 40KW turbo.¬† Of course they are both diesel, and here in the Puget Sound Basin. Want one? He got a pretty good deal.

While playing with the Generators, we got one primed with fuel and purged of air, it ran fine, just like the other one, we put a load on the generator and check the frequency.. mission accomplished!

We then Checked out Ron’s collection of¬†V12¬†Mercedes including two AMG¬†Hot Rods.¬†¬†We took a drive down towards Black Diamond, and of course we took the¬† hottest¬†one that makes 750 foot pounds of torque ūüôā ¬†Mashing down on the pedal causes your eyes to open wide. Going around a corner, you feel the seats¬†literally hug you in order to keep you in the seat as you pull Gs your pickup truck never allowed you to experience ūüôā ¬†Sticky tires and traction control are part of the magic, but there’s also brakes¬†that would stop a logging truck! Massive! You learn you need them when you can hit well over¬†100 MPH in what feels like a few hundred feet.¬† Then you need to stop, and stop real fast if you’re going to keep from punching that car just ahead!

Ron? He’s happiest¬†when he’s chopping wood, or taking something¬†apart himself.. but he could have it all done for him if he likes. He’s just another DIYer with a boat load of hands on experience.

So here we are in our Sixties pulling the same dumb stuff we did when we were kids. Only difference is we have cooler toys to play with, or at least some of us do ūüôā

For a little less than $250,000 you can own a new AMG¬†V12 Hot Rod with the finest wood grain on the dash, and other amenities¬†most of us DIYers only dream¬†about.¬†¬†Watch the Euro exchange rate, maybe you’ll buy two?

Now here’s the question, Ron has a flawless like new V12 with 20,000 miles on it. It’s Black with Perfect paint. It could be yours for $38,000! No.. it’s not an AMG, but¬†it’s still FAST, and gets around 22 MPG on a road trip. This is¬†less money than a new Chevy Volt, and so much more fun!

Thanks for all the fun Ron, we always have a great time at your house, and Quinn and I are still talking about your really cool kinetic wood splitter!


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