This is all too funny, no it’s sad really….

Remember the good old days when people knew you could be smart no matter what color you were?  Some of the smartest people I ever met were… were, well they were  from all places and different colors too..

As always it’s the comments that tell us a lot, read the comments made under the following post.. was that top one liked that many times… really?   


One friend wrote, I’ll bet Rush has fun with this in the morning.

Yes.. I do owe those who commented to the previous post, and the amount of off line comments I received were far greater.. no person said.. yelp you need knock off your poltical rants, and many agreed… there’s a close relationship between DIY and our freedoms, more freedom, more DIY possible..

Thank you, and do remember, if you’d like to submit an article, DIY or? please let me know.

Thanks again to all my friends, so many colors, so many religions, so many countries..




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2 Responses to This is all too funny, no it’s sad really….

  1. Butch says:

    George, Like you I do not seperate the freedom I have to experiment with my engines and power systems from politics. Maybe those who think there should be total seperation should go try to buy a slow speed diesel and report back here with thier findings.

    On another subject. Here is another green outfit that has operated on our tax dollar now gone bankrupt

  2. George B. says:


    There are those who think they are insulated from these insane investments the U.S. Government has made on behalf of all Americans. Few seem to undstand the money as good as comes out of their back pocket.

    As the President gears up to punish savers and small business people some more here……. Canada, our so called Socialist Neighbor, is cutting the size of their bloated government and taxing business far less. In parts of Canada, there’s no one to take service jobs, as there’s higher paying jobs even for the less skilled if you want to move to them..

    Oh Canada, we know you have oil.. but we’d rather buy in from Chavez and and our good friends in the Middle East…My liberal friends explain that using Canada’s oil will bring an end to the entire planet. Of course we know real data on warming shows no increase in the last 16 years, but Gore is now 50 times Richer… his goal is to fleece us or save us? No reason not to invest in renewables, but we need understand you don’t make a critical commodity like steel with moon beams. Even big bird knows better..

    Too bad we can’t brand those who say oil is bad, and use it.. they are the same ones who demanded EVs be built but refused to support the cause by buying one.. They kill the EV again and again. Next time, maybe the Government will take orders, and send those to a work camp to pay off the debt if they default on their promise to buy?

    Atlas will Shrug, how can he endure all the insanity?

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