The EPA, our Largest Liability?

If you’ve been following the news, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cost US Tax Payers Billions thanks to a total lack of Government oversight, and of course managers who acted more like crime bosses.  Now we’re also paying millions for all the court cases and attorneys with no end in sight. read this article carefully.  

Many believe the EPA is in the process of creating the mother of all liabilities for the American people. The EPA is in court every day, they could be successfully sued for damages with awards in the trillions of dollars. Of course they don’t have any money to defend themselves, or to pay the damages their decisions might have already created.  Same as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, you the American Tax Payer will be asked to do that for them.  Sound impossible? No more impossible to believe than some of the things that have already happened….

Read this carefully… Remember, no one seemed worried about Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac,… until it was too late… most of us understand that the EPA is a Frankenstein, and it’s out of control. But the truth is,…. you’ll pay the bills for the damages awarded, and that may be soon.

I expect interest in this page (topic) to grow, there is no doubt in my mind that many of the EPA’s decisions are based on BAD science. This will be proven in court, unfortunately, you will pay for all the damages one way or another, but let’s hope there’s some jail time coming for those that have worked overtime to promote an agenda instead of science, They effectively cripple our economy by forcing our industry and utilities to spend countless billions at a time we need productivity most. There are lives hanging in the balance.  A modest rise in the cost of food production here likely means that people in the third world will starve. I believe there are gluttonous fat cats like Algore that think this is the way to bringthe planet back into balance, people in the thrid world are less important, and it’s hard to manage the damage they do to the environment. Of course their beliefs always seem to align with wealth creation for themselves doesn’t it? 

Below are examples of law suits against the EPA, there are far more you can search up. You know our Frankenstien (EPA) plans to replicate what they do here in other areas.   We need ask, is it only the EPA and GOD who seem to have no accountability?

Consider the small engine shop… they’re going out of business simply because they can no longer maintain your small equipment, one example is the Carb, it’s now built the way an EPA bureaucrat wants it built, impossible to clean, impossible to maintain. there will be a lot of small shops that have been in business of 30 or more years that will close, because without the basic tune up and maintenance work, there’s not enough to keep the doors open. Will these small shop owners join in on a class action law suit and successfully share a part of the awards?

If you have a piece of land that you are going to put a septic system on, best do it now, since the EPA is GOD like, a system might soon cost $90,000 and up, and all of them will have active elements. Since power could fail, will you be required to install an expensive solar system to back up the power? I guess that’s a decision the EPA will make, and there might be little you have to say about it. your septic system might soon cost more to build than your house.. go ahead and laugh…you may not laugh very long..

Expect to see a WEBsite where you can enter informaton about your small business failure, and your request to join a class action lawsuit.. it’s coming.   




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2 Responses to The EPA, our Largest Liability?

  1. Peter says:

    As a foriegner, it was amazing to to look at the innovation, the growth, and the benefits generated by the USA, it’s science establishment and the big corporations. Now its so sad to see groups like the EPA (and the White House) exporting the vision, corrupting science and forcibly de-industrializing the country. It’s a shame to watch the fall/implosion of your once great nation.

    • George B. says:

      I think we’ll find the EPA has bit off more than they can chew, they are Static planners, they will surely paint themselves into a corner, they are not about science, they report to politicians who have an agenda. The ethanol blended fuels are a nighmare for all kinds of small engines, if our friends in OZ, UK, NZ, get this crap, don’t let it set in the engine very long, and if the parts are not compatible with it, tough luck.. Here in Washington State they’ve given us no choice but to try and use it. there are now no alternatives.

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