Society of Combined Heat and Power Research

Society of Combined Heat and Power Research

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There’s little new under the sun, combined heat and power might have been achieved one cold morning when an operator warmed his hands on the hot pivot hub of a hydro powered irrigation wheel on the Tigress River a thousand or more years ago.

Others might point out the wisdom of Europeans who did one better, they built stables under their living quarters and utilized the waste heat off their animals. Oxen for plowing the field and pulling carts and wagons to deliver crops, and other warm blooded animals for food and clothing.  Was this and example of CFHP? Combined Heat, Power and Food?

Some of us believe the great innovations that came out of North America had everything to do with our individual rights, our ability to innovate and experiment without license. We North Americans are a little like Free Range Chickens, we scratch hard, we range wide, we are rewarded according to our efforts. Pen kept chickens grow lazy and learn to be content sitting and waiting for the next handful of cracked corn to be thrown over the fence.

You need not agree, but many think the way to end America’s greatness is to unionize every entity who innovates. We start with Apple, Microsoft, and Google, there would be a lot of support for it.   Get rid of the small companies, drive them from the market place by placing monetary burdens on them they can not afford. Add to this EPA and CARB requirements for research that only large companies can meet and you will stifle innovation.

I sometimes think this is the entire reason for the existence of It is a Trojan Horse brought onto our shores and originally funded from abroad. Many of our citizens are dazzled by the gold gilded adornments, they may have no idea what the furniture is to be used for, but they volunteer as labor to pull it through the main gate.

What we need do is to gather together, those who have engineering skills, electrical skills, hands on operating skills of power plants. Let it be a research society first and foremost. Let us demonstrate that a stationary power plant that is built at the point of use has many advantages and since we are not so limited by space or mass, we can easily mitigate emissions far beyond what is typically done in small scale power today.

A simple example might be using the heat generated by a particle trap to power an ammonia loop. We make use of the energy to cool at the point of generation WHEN there is no need for the heat.

We have waited long enough for large companies or the government to provide us what we want. We know that every environmentalist, and every rational citizen would support our efforts to lower emissions while providing a distributed power generation scheme where solar and wind power plug directly into the CHP generation scheme.

If you have a desire to join, if you have hands on skills and fabrication skills, if you know the difference between a BTU and an IOU, consider applying for membership, your email address will be routed into a contact list, (not publically shared, and you will be given more information.

Benefits of membership may include information regarding present CHP emission laws. methods to reduce emissions, valuable information about research parts and equipment and a members forum.

All the best,

George B.

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4 Responses to Society of Combined Heat and Power Research

  1. ken henderson says:

    please forward my email address to the society of combined heat and power reasearch thanks!

    • John Gillen says:


      Approximately where are you located? Do you have any interest in working with someone else?

      John Gillen

      • George B. says:


        This page was created to float the idea of using diesel engines that do NOT meet the epa emissions standards as a component of a combined heat and power plant.

        there was at least on container load of Lister type Engines that was brought into the USA with the EPA’s consent.

        I have noted that my thoughts abotu Co Gen plants have taken root at the EPA, we all know that there is all kinds of room in stationary plants to clean up a diesel’s emissions after the fact, and that might be done in a furnace where very high temperatures are acheived as part of another cogen element.
        look at this page, go down below and note that EPA cogen partnership logo.. this looks like what I was attempting to kick off, a pass to do what we all do already, and that is experiemnt.

        Now don’t think I beleive in the capston turbine, if it was that good, the Rail road would bring back the turbine locomotive, or so I think..

  2. John Gillen says:

    Please forward my email to combined heat and power research.

    Currently I am approximately 50% complete on building a Co-Gen system. It utilizes a 6/1 Listeroid, Baldor 5 hp motor as tested by Bill rogers, 4.2 kw backup generator, house heat exchanger, water heat exchanger, gas and electric meters for data collection. The Listroid will be converted to run on natural gas. I may add the option to inject waste oil at a later date.

    I am a retired R&D engineer from the automotive supplier industry. I have wanted to build one of these since the 70’s. 🙂

    I am located at, Ottawa Lake,Michigan, close to Toledo, Ohio if anyone is interested in working with me.

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