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DIYers “Do it Yourselfers” are a small percentage of the population. As I have mentioned before, if you get us together in a room face to face, you find we have more in common that you know. A lot of us were attracted to the technical fields, some migrated from things like Human Resources to Mechanical Engineering because their passions were like a torch in the night that lighted the pathway to that more rewarding job.

I have mentioned before how curious I was about the higher than expected number of Medical Doctors in our DIYer-Off Grid-Alternative Energy group. Why is that? A few MDs responded to that question to say that the human body is another machine, and we should expect MDs to have a lot of the same traits found in the DIYer group.
I think about a younger person attempting to make it through medical school, sometimes they have a  family and no money. What happens when a home repair or an auto repair is necessary? The typical DIYer quickly recalls all the recent hired repairs that have been both expensive and done wrong. It’s nearly impossible for our breed to just ‘call the repairman’, we can always think of better places to spend the money. Whether it’s to pay down school tuition, an Orthodontist’s bill for a child, or buying more and better tools. Maybe we are born with this mentality and it forces us to pry off the top and look inside at the broken gear works and see if we can repair it ourselves?
I believe I have a wonderful example of how differently DIYers respond to articles in the news in comparison to the rest of the population.  As profoundly disturbing as it may be to me, about five percent of the people who found this page will even read this sentence. If I insert a picture of Paris Hilton on this page, a good percentage would click it and never return.
Here’s the example….. I’d like you to test yourself, write down a few bullet items regarding your observations after you watch the video clips above, Consider opening another window in your browser and visiting Study their claims, their endorsements, their awards.  

Make sure you watch King 5 News coverage…. now note all the awards,  there’s even a Professor from the University of Washington in the video clip to demonstrate there’s interest from the professional community.
Few people outside our community will ask themselves the following questions. Critical thinking skills are quite common in our group, and becoming a rarity outside our group.

The following questions we generally  ask ourselves guide us. 
Question: What are the objectives of the entities that either endorse or recognize the efforts of Seattle based Hydrovolts?
Question:  What is the principle goal of King 5 News OR any other Broadcasting Organization?
Seasoned DIYers are normally critical thinkers, they will have asked themselves questions like the following:

Question:  This is such a basic idea, why hasn’t anyone in the last hundred years or more done this?
Question:  I don’t see any factual information regarding energy potential, why is that?
For me, I recall a book put out by Reader’s Digest called “Back to Basics”, it is a book put out about traditional American skills, and it is well illustrated and like most good books, it is written to convey information and not an attempt to impress readers with colorful vocabulary or math far more elegant than necessary to cover the topic and share the facts and information

Back to Basics Book Cover


Within  this book are the basics for accessing water power potential. We find the data we need on page 97.  Here’s the simple formula that has not failed man for hundreds of years in accessing whether they would receive a return on their investment in time and money to construct a water works at any given location.

Even Basic knowledge is power

The formula: KW= Head in feet x velocity in feet a second/23 x area in square feet.

Their example 10 x 1.4/23 x 4.8 = 2.92 KW 

As you note, this is math anyone who actually graduated from eight grade should be able to follow. But we are busy people, and those who employ critical thinking will make quick note of that decimal point, and the fact that the first part of  this simple formula is ‘Head’ in feet. We quickly reflect on the focus of Hydrovolt and note their mission is to extract energy from free flowing streams and canals. We also note we can attempt to calculate some type of head figure to plug in, but at the end of our study, we will find it most appropriate to enter a ZERO. With this understanding we simply move the decimal one place to the left and realizing we can drop that part of the equation all together.  Wow! in this case we have the potential energy to light the typical light and fan combo we find near the shower in a bathroom. But for the DIYer, we understand that this is only potential and there are a few losses we need consider first.

We note again the design, and after some consideration we see the only potential we can work with is the volume of water that actually comes in contact with the paddle minus the losses. Losses?… what losses? Again DIYers can’t help themselves, they usually understand quite a bit about both aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, they learn these things because that little DIYer gene makes these things so impossible to ignore, we need undertand at least the basics. We look again at the frame that houses the hydrovolt turbine, those surfaces generate eddies that can impede the flow of water at the ‘all important’ top of the paddle and less important along the sides. The folding paddle is not without its losses, there will be measureable losses as we drag these forward and set them up against the current to capture more energy.

Perhaps the best way to visualize this in the mind’s eye is understanding there is something like a duty cycle or a ratio of time where the paddle does no work VS it’s exposure to the current flow when it can harness and transfer the power to the rotating shaft.  But here again, we DIYers quickly notice that the paddle is only at a right angle to the water flow for an instant. We of course know what it’s like to try and run with a piece  of ply wood, and from this we can start factoring the sharp power curve downward as any paddle on the turbine advances forward at an ever greater angle until it’s contribution ends, and it becomes part of the overall losses and inefficiency of the design.

So we add up these losses and subtract them from the miniscule potential. Now we add distribution losses and more. But let’s look at irrigation canals in general, there is mention on the hydrovolt website that one of the many potential uses for the hydrovolt technology is to use their hydrovolt generator to pump water.

Most irrigation projects were funded based on their ability to provide a return on investment, this was normally measured using real economic benefit criteria, and the projects needed to pay for themselves over a realistic time period. This often caused the irrigation canals to be connstructed well above crop land where gravity flow could be used to bring the water to the point of use.  If we were to use a pipe, we not only control soil erosion problems, but what happens to our energy potential as the head pressure builds? After only 10 feet of fall, we have ten times the energy potential, after 100 feet of fall, we have 100 times the energy potential.
But what we need to question is the wisdom of generating the power at a point where there is no significant energy to capture and then use that miniscule amount of energy to pump water to places it would gravity flow to in the first place. Of course, you already see the wisdom of using the more traditional turbine wheel and the head available to generate power IF you will place them closer to the point of use and make use of the powerful multiplyer “head” No wonder it’s been done differently than hydrovolt suggests for a thousands years. 

Now for the important part. Why all the endorsements? How did they find a TV station to give them coverage? What about the University Professor, and all those accolades? for me it is a reminder of why our group is so different from those who visit large websites who cover the escapades of Movie Stars, Singers and Al Gore. It’s my opinion that there is a real danger here. These unworkable Alternative Energy ideas influence people in a big way, it causes them to think there is energy to be had under every rock, that it is free for the harvesting if only we can get big oil and big energy out of the way to allow it to happen. We live in dangerous times, as reality becomes far less important to the average American every day. Now we have mainstream coverage of products like the bloom box and the Chevy Volt which has already been hyped to do the impossible and no one in the Media is interested in the facts. For them viewership is most important, the survival of our nation or our way of life has no weighting on the quarterly balance sheet, and the bonuses that are dependent on meeting those quarterly objectives. The question we need ask ourselves… has our media always been so neglectful of the facts, or have we just grown older and wiser and become aware of  how little interest the public, media or elected officials have in the truth?

You have a very important responsibility, it’s to think and challenge irrational ideas, if you read this far, you are one of us for certain. How rare you are!

All the best,


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4 Responses to Revolutionary New Free Power Source!

  1. Bruce Haberl says:

    Yes, very well spoken.
    I SURVIVED two harsh Canadian winters off grid. I believe I have attended the University of A.E. (Actual Experience, not Alternate Energy ) and have some small idea what works and what is an unsustainable dream. I hold trade certifacation in mechanical, and electronics areas. Still, my rural neighbors half a mile away probably heard me screaming swear words several times early in the morning or late at night with diesel or antifreeze covered frozen hands.
    All in all it was an enjoyable learning experience. I still have all of the equipment for back up, and will never get rid of it. I am on grid now as I gave up trying to educate my wife on do and do not and the limitations. It also was needed as I am away sometimes for work and not able to be home to make sure all is ok.
    Many shiesters show up in these parts as well. I see through them right away, but many don’t. You are right about the media and their motives. no different here.

    My 4 brush ST-12 is flawless, same for the Isuzu that turns it. wind gennys and solar, no issues. The old diesel Onans were a challange. I am a believer in Synthetic oil.
    I am by no means an expert, but I have learned a great deal by doing. And by Failing.

    I am a big fan of your web site. BH

  2. George B. says:

    Snake oil has always been a top seller…

    Count me as handy, but no expert, I am old enough to know I haven’t learned the half of it… Thanks for your comment, this is an important topic, too bad the media isn’t interested in the truth.

  3. Richard says:

    This guy would do better with an undershot waterwheel. If the guy who thought up this unit would just do a little reading. All the equipment that generates power from water was tried and true many many years ago and reached their highest efficiency a long time ago. The moving parts don’t help at all. Yes the overall efficiency of those old units can be made better but not by the parts flipping back and forth, that takes energy to move the and that is a loss. Either look at old plants or do a little physics and he would go on to something else. Why do people think that science is useless. Here in Maine our short sited politicians keep taking out 100 year old dams and think that a 1000kwh per hour is nothing and they would rather burn oil and from where?

  4. George B. says:

    Richard, I guess it’s best we look at the real Motives of many who work areas so completely studied. Could it be as much as forty percent of the population who believe in magic? A lot of these companies are focused on investors, and as inept as most young greenies are, they are easy prey. We need remember, President Obama was given the Peace Prize! Why should we expect an award for innovation to be innovative?

    As of this writing, I’ve had calls from two companies doing research in low head water projects. It’s my thought that the best tuned divisions within these companies are investor relations, and as many of us know the easiest investor to fleece are the taxpayers, as we are depending on a corrupt bunch to make good use of our money.
    Back, to these callers, I was not surprised to learn that the heads of two ‘unnamed research companies’ had hired non technical persons to ‘head up’ research, one that visited the utterpower shop was an attorney, nice guy, but I was pretty sure I could have sold him plans for a time machine.

    I’ve thought about this visit for some time…. If I were running a company whose principle mission was ‘investors relations’, why would I ever put a man in charge of research who knew how to measure energy available, calculate losses, and worry himself sick over how much energy wasn’t there to harvest! At the end of the day, I realize that the people who head up these organizations are shrewd Businessmen who understand human nature all too well.

    As I close, I think about Will Rogers, if he could return today, I’m sure he’d find some of the innovation of the day impressive, the internet, the Iphone, and more. But after he caught up on current events, I’m sure he’d be noting that there is at least twice as much opportunity for snake oil salesmen as when he left us.. it seems all this innovation has only convinced people they have less reason to think for themselves.

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