Open Test Thread: options test/edit test

Doug Bradford performing test



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  1. Doug Bradford says:

    responding as a subcriber.

    • Doug Bradford says:

      I managed to create a post as “contributor- Funkinflugen”….no editing found yet as a subscriber….working up the chain…we’ll figure this out George!

      1st edit using quick edit feature:
      function available as a contributor via WP page>login>comments…cursor over desired comment and sub-bar pops up in highlighted comment block. contains various functions including edit.

      2nd edit using regular edit function, same method as before….just opens in a separate page as opposed to the comment block on “dashboard”….WINNING!!!!!!

  2. funkinflugen says:

    OK folks…here’s the deal. I’m work with George to help figure out some of the features on this blog that is based on WordPress , a blog hosting site. We are trying to determine how you, the everyday user (know in WP speak as a subscriber) can edit your own replies. George has given me “contributor” status which so far has allowed be to edit my comments. With great power comes great responsibility…I think I have the ability to edit OTHER peoples comments too. That may be limited to reply’s to topics I as Funkinflugen have originated? Any one that can help in understand all of this is welcome to reply here. I’m not a I.T. guy and more closely resemble a Neanderthal holding a spark plug. If you have suggestions post ’em up.
    Doug Bradford

    Edit 1: After further review it appears I can only edit replies that are associated with content I originated….Phew, that’s good, I wouldn’t want to mess up other peoples comments…more to learn
    Doug Bradford

  3. George B. says:

    see if you can edit my commmmmmment
    comment edited…thanks for the post George. 26NOV12 1146MST

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