Of Interest to the wood gas Community?

Sure thing, we saw the NREL promoting Amonix, and CPV, but they seem all too unmotivated to visit Hatch and report on the 7700s and the Multi Junction Solar Cells they were so excited about… How are they holding up? Was the excitement all about hyping it,  or did they have real interest?  I stand here ready with an apology if you have any evidence I need give the NREL one..   

Here’s another article they’ve published, God only knows why they post the article, maybe it’s all about some big award they’re ready to give someone and then not follow up on it? 


I did call a certain reporter at the  Las Vegas Sun and asked them why they had run so many stories about Amonix and their world Class product and now seem to have no interest in it since it became a reality? The field is full of them, and no interest whatsoever?  So if you think it looks like the Sun was involved in the hype, or were dupes.. do know I talked t a Sun Reporter last week.. and it was brought to their attention.

Next Hype? We’ll see..  



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6 Responses to Of Interest to the wood gas Community?

  1. Harold says:

    Looks to me like they may be using a lot of energy to create a little fuel. Of course that’s the government way. Let’s see if we can get a half billion dollars or so of government support for this process.

  2. quinnf says:

    My mom told my son she was giving him X amount of dollars for his high school graduation present. He’s taking an econ class and wants to invest it, so he told me he was thinking he’d like to invest in maybe Apple Computer or some alternative energy. The windows rattled when I blurted out NOOOOOOO!


    • George B. says:

      Too bad you can’t get your Son to research all the hype done on Amonix.. I’m thinking you could do well just by investing in what the DOE doesn’t hype.

      • quinnf says:

        Consider him clued in, well and truly. If green energy were such a hot ticket, investors would be banging on the (made with recycled materials) doors to put their money to work. As it is, alternative energy companies have yet to show profitability without heavy subsidies from you and me at, essentially, the point of a gun. So the gubm’nt is bankrolling the entire industry, and that’s because they don’t look at it as if it were THEIR money.

  3. JackG says:

    As easy as 1.2..3… another $128 million down the tube by DOE. If you add all this waste up it equals a huge drain. The sad part is this is pork belly for both the Dems and Repubs in their home districts. The Department of Waste.

    From Wallstreet Journal today “A123 Systems Inc., AONE +5.38%a maker of advanced batteries for electric automobiles, has hired a strategic advisory firm to help find an investor and explore undisclosed other options after posting a first-quarter $125 million loss.

    The Waltham, Mass., company, which received $128.6 million in grants from the Department of Energy to build a battery plant in Michigan, is trying to raise $50 million through a private debt offering expected to close Friday. A123 on Tuesday said it is in discussions with strategic investors. A spokesman declined to say with whom or under what conditions those investors might take a stake in the company. It also did not identify the strategic advisor.”

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