News from Minot North Dakota

As some of you know, there are HUGE oil reserves discovered in North Dakota and Western Montana. Some people will assume this is the same heavy crude that homely dude Hugo Chaves owns.  His crude oil is heavy, and with all his saber rattling, the dumb ass knows there’s only a few refineries than can process the ugly stuff, so he sells it here, he has little choice, because there’s few other  places that can process this heavy crude off our shores. BTW, a friend Carlos whose first language is Spanish said that Hugo’s Spanish is the same as a common uneducated street reply.. “What a surprise”.

What you may not know about this crude out of North Dakota is it’s sweet and light. It wasn’t more than a week ago, I was talking to one of  the guys who works the field who said “the crude is so clear the guys that fill the oil trucks, use talc powder in order to see the crude level in the tank”.  No doubt, your Lister CS would run on this stuff no problem, same as many engines run well on the crude oil you find in Penn State  and New York.

An interesting bit is this oil is hauled and mixed with much heavier crude from fields further north which allows the heavy stuff  to be processed at far less expense, and I would imagine the range of combined hydro carbons facilitates in the production of  a wider variety of petrol products at less cost.   It seems this oil, and the Canadian fields are close enough for some cooperation to take place, and there’s benefits for all. I’m hoping we can buy more oil from Canada, and far less from Hugo.

Here’s a link to more info about the oil field.

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  1. George B. says:

    Here’s an email snippet…
    Message: Hello,
    Also, I was very interested in your article about the North Dakota crude oil. I’ve been working on getting it in quantity as the small amount I have messed with seems to burn in my chinese 195 engine and Mercedes 240D just fine without any engine modifications. It’s clean and almost clear, and if I can get it in enough volume I’ll be running it full time.
    Chris S.

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