My email to the US Mint.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I figured someone likely monitors the email address, so I thought I’d send you this idea.

I went to Home Depot today and took this picture with my cell phone, this is likely the cheapest of the steel flat washers, and note the price of 12 US Cents each!



We both understand our US currency is becoming near worthless, and we all know that the good people who work at the US Mint had no part in devaluing our currency to the point of making fools out of the people stupid enough to have saved it.

I’d like to be constructive from this point forward and offer a suggestion that would add a lot of value to our US Currency and greatly lower the cost of making it.

All you need do (to start) is quit making the US penny and instead use the very inexpensive to make steel quarter-inch flat washer. There’s no need to make it fancy, no need to give it that fake copper color of the new Penny.

Imagine.. a cheaper to make coin that has about 12 times the value of the US One Cent Coin! I hope you give my idea serious consideration, our currency is an embarrassment, a lot of people won’t even stoop over to pick up a penny, but a Steel flat washer.. well, that’s becoming down right expensive to buy with US currency.  Once you get the penny replaced, there’s plenty of room to replace the 5 Cent Coin with another Flat Washer, maybe you can use the three eights, or even the five sixteenths flat washer?

Thanks for Listening…….


George B.

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4 Responses to My email to the US Mint.

  1. bob g says:

    now we know why we see so many penny’s with a hole drilled in them
    and used as washers!

    with a drill press and a good bit a guy could make himself a good income converting rolls of penny’s into 1/4 inch washers!

    and they would be a product of the good old USA to boot!

    talk about a value added proposition, what other project can you add your time to and increase the base cost by 12 times? even at wholesale perhaps you could quadruple the value of the penny?

    things that make you go “hmmmm”

    bob g

  2. Bill knighton says:

    They should have holes anyway. Sometimes when I go to the coin store for bullion I paw through the dish of foreign coins and there are usually some very cheap old European or Asian coins that were minted that way. Owners could string them or wire their wealth into a neckace or whatever. They could also be assembled into larger denominations and spent. It’s very rational and ought to be done now. I wish I could leave a picture comment. They are pretty coins.

  3. Nickels are about 3/4 Copper and 1/4 Nickel. Sept 2, 2011 melt value was $.06, so don’t go drilling holes in nickels. It has been as high as 9 Cents! It will go up as the dollar continues to decline. I save every one and ask for them in change.
    1982 and older pennys are worth $0.027. Cheaper than a washer, but also has potential value. 1983 to the presently minted pennies are worth $0.0058820, essentially worthless, made of zinc, thus a questionable washer.

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