Mike's 4 Cylinder Kubota/ST20

You’ll work hard to top this effort!  Here is what Mike shared with me:

Hello George,

This is my generator project using a 20KW ST head. First I found and old boat trailer and cut the tongue down to the length I needed. I then found a 50-gallon fuel tank that had been used on one of those forced air torpedo type, shop heaters. Then I went to my local steel supply and ordered a light I-beam with a height that would allow me to drop the fuel tank inside. I welded the I-beam together creating the base, the fuel tank fit like a glove. I power the unit with a Kubota V1902 Diesel engine, about 39 H.P. I used a new radiator (electric cooling fan) designed for a Massey Ferguson 135-farm tractor, this since I have a tractor like this to spec. from. The drive couplings are made from “off the shelf” agriculture end yokes, the shaft for the generator measures out at 1-5/8 with a 3/8 key, I just had to hunt around till I found someone who carried them. I had a machine shop make my flywheel plate, which I welded one of the end yokes too. Other items, oil bath breather, remote mounted oil filter, fuel filters, and battery. Full engine gauges with tachometer from Kubota. Large 5-1/2″ panel meters, amp and volt, still trying to find a frequency. Breaker box with 2-50amp 220volt and 2-20amp 110volt breakers, Eight-110volt plugs and Two-220volt 50 Amp plugs. Full metal enclosure with some help from my local fabricator.

Mike, Nashville TN

Somewhere along the line, I misplaced the above modification to Mike’s gen set, I would imagine this is the L150 love joy coupler; the same one I use for theChinese 1115.

I think the enclosure is an amazing transformation… but notice that Mike has put larger wheels and fenders on his rig as well. I’d like to see a nicer looking rig, something tells me it’ll be a while.

AS of FEB 2003, Mike shared he’s had a 100 amp load on the set and it carries it with no problem.

Thanks for sharing your handy work with us Mike!

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3 Responses to Mike's 4 Cylinder Kubota/ST20

  1. rud says:

    I enjoy seeing what creative people build, very well done, I love it!

  2. William Dysinger says:

    That has got to be the nicest genset I have seen in a while! If I didn’t know it was homebuilt I would wonder what brand it was. It’s that professional looking and classy! The only thing wrong that I can figure is…. he owns it instead of me! 😎

  3. Tony Williams says:

    Mike, I like your genset. You do very nice work. I like building my own stuff too. I built an electric pressure washer-using a Baldor 5hp AC motor linked to a general 2500 psi 3.5 gpm pump. I’m not bragging, I am just relating to your creativity to my own since I admire that kind of thing! Good Luck,TW

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