Lidia Ball, Jon Ralston, Guy Blanchard, Failed Clean Energy Project NV?

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Here’s a great learning experience, Listen carefully to Jon’s words, does he come off as impartial, or is he the Cheer Leader for committing every rate payer in Nevada to making the investment in a hurry so they don’t pass up the once in a lifetime opportunity?  Take some notes as you watch this..  The  discussion of the transmission lines, did you know that  Wind Energy Investors in Washington State >assumed< they had full access to a transmission line, and now they are attempting to sue the FED (we taxpayers) for their losses when the transmission is not available to them?

Watch bobble head Guy Blanchard push for “do it now’, everyone wants our stuff, don’t miss out on your chance to get it first, we are proven leaders, we have a proven product, don’t lose out…. we’ll  have so many orders, we won’t be able to build it for you in Nevada.  Isn’t that the same thing the car salesmen told you when you said you’d have to think it over?      


So.. it’s now 6/2/2012, we have a 2MW Amonix power plant at the University of Arizona, what is the rated output and what is the power production at the Moment? We have another Amonix Power Plant in Hatch New Mexico, how is that power plant performing? The mention of Alamosa in this Face to Face, it’s now a reality, and it’s producing power, does it live up to what was promised?

Lidia Ball, an expert in Solar PV? We’ll find out When Jon Ralston invites her back along with Guy Blanchard to find out what went right, and what went wrong with Amonix.

We’ll find out if Jon Ralston delivers the facts, or if he’s part of the cheer leading squad..

You just can’t argue with the facts, and they’re right there in the field!  Today 11 of the 36 Amonix trackers at the University of Arizona no longer track the sun, and 8 or more at Hatch New Mexico are broken as well, and… just what kind of power do these power plants make compared to the advertised output? Is there anyone interested in reporting the real story?  

Do consider turning up your pant legs, there’s a lot of BS out there to step in, and the Media thinks it’s their job to tell you what you need to hear  instead of report the facts and let you decide.  It’s what I think, and comments are welcome, maybe you’ll tell me what I have wrong?  Of great value to all Americans is a good understanding of what we actually got out of our investments and those others made. Was it irrigatable farm land that was used for the Amonix Power plants at Hatch New Mexico and Alamosa Colorado? If we were truly interested in conservation, we’d put this topic in abeyance for about six years and look back on it.. What did the power plants provide to humanity (return on investment), and what could have been produced if the land had been left in hands of agriculture? What were the jobs gained or lost?  


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6 Responses to Lidia Ball, Jon Ralston, Guy Blanchard, Failed Clean Energy Project NV?

  1. bob g says:


    i made it through the first 5 minute or so of the video and here are my thoughts

    as you know i don’t sleep well and deal with a significant amount of pain, this leaves me awake late and night with nothing of value to do but turn on the TV.

    this presentation to me has all the look and feel of a late night infomercial wherein the hucksters are trying to sell me a copper bracelet that will not only cure my pain, but make me younger, better looking and take care of ED if i have that problem as well.

    basically this sort of thing leaves me as one associate used to say, “that makes me feel like i have athletes foot on my tongue”. you know what i mean, sort of itchy, dirty, i need to now get up and go take a shower kind of thing.

    between now and the next election there are going to be vast numbers of these sort of scam’s (er schemes) coming out of the woodwork and they all will leave me at least feeling a bit dirty.

    the more i study this sort of thing, the one thing i keep coming up with is the answer to the energy problem is not going to come from big business and government, it will come from personal responsibility, some changes in lifestyle perhaps, and distributed generation.

    the day each of us take the responsibility to produce some/part/or all of the energy we consume, either directly or via conservation will be the day we as a country make the largest stride in energy independence.

    of course this is my story and i am stickin with it!
    bob g

  2. George B. says:

    My challenge to all who read this.. find one reporter who is not too lazy to ask.. “so how is this Amonix Stuff workin?” I’m beginning to think the majority of so called reporters are cut and paste experts.. Or.. perhaps they’re told what NOT to cover?

    Jon Ralston was throughly outraged by Trump’s Obama Birther comments.., Jon says.. Trump just doesn’t care who he hurts.. It’s my thought that over-sensitive Reporters would report nothing in order to keep from hurting people’s feelings…. Pehaps that’s why so many reporters have decided to bless us with their comment VS reporting the news we need to hear?

    We need ask ourselves.. Jon Ralston’s recent opinion of Trump….. is there one person that reads the paper or other comment that has not already formed their own opinion of Trump?

    How about covering a Good and useful story just down the street Jon…

    • bob g says:


      think what you like about ole “trump” but for my money i would bet on him everyday against the likes of obama or his team, which includes the vast majority of what they like to call themselves “journalists”.

      we are living in a very pivotal time, sort of a paradigm shift if you will as it relates to governments interaction with the populace.

      we have such insanity going on these days, it would be funny if it were in some other country but the one we live in!

      in NYC you can abort a child, smoke dope legally, but now you can’t buy a coke larger than 16 oz.

      in NJ the ticket for driving without a seatbelt is 46 bucks, but now if you take your dog he must be seatbelted too, or the fine is 1000 dollars!

      we can go on, but everyone that isn’t dead or just doesn’t care knows full well what i am talking about.

      what i don’t understand fully as of yet is why obama and the dems are all over alternative energy, especially the scams (er schemes)? is it to placate their extreme leftist voting block? why do they need to placate them,, they will always vote for the dem’s anyway.

      of course there is the chicago way of doing politic’s, wherein you give a contract to some guy for a project, with the under the table understanding that a portion will be returned to you. sort of like how the mafia does business as loan sharks. if the government has that sort of thing going on, do they really care if the project is legit or not? probably they could care the less, they can always find someone to take the fall right? and what happens to the guy that take the fall? nothing! the atty general and his group of ner do well atty’s will never prosecute, now will they?

      i know i a rambling here, but while i am at it…

      we got this joke we call the media! where do you wanna start?
      expecting them to ask any sort of hard question of anyone connected with some government sponsored project that is either failing or under performing is just not in keeping with reality.

      as our good friend mr. einstein once said…
      “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity”

      we citizens asking our representatives, senators, president, and our media, to do something different , and expecting a different result???

      makes us insane!

      i no longer make such expectations of any of these jokers!

      bob g
      ps. there is nothing wrong with me…. wrong with me.. wrong with me… 😉

      • George B. says:

        This is really frustrating Bob, I’m likely responsible for pushing us off topic, BUT the Topic really is Amonix, and whether the Amonix power plants produced make electricity?
        How close to the claims Amonix and others made do the trackers need to perform?

        If they make 10 percent of the claimed electrical energy…. is that good enough? Or.. should the Amonix CPV be held to the same standards as other types of solar and actually make it’s rated power?

        I’ve attemped to get the Sun’s attention on this topic, I first called Conner, a reporter there and told him it looked a little weird, the Vegas Sun printing all these stories right along….right up until the closure of the production facility in Las Vegas.. I told Connor that was a little like watching the Titanic get built in your home town, and never following up to see if the ship actually floated! I mean there were truck load after truck load of solar trackers that left Las Vegas for New Mexico and Colorado.. The biggest CPV plant in the WORLD! and it’s not a big enough story to follow?

        I did poke Jon ralston in the eye with a tweet after he made comment about Trump… basically…. we have all formed our opinions of Trump long ago.. why not report on something worthwhile??

        I did get an email from Jon, he ignored my technical questions about Amonix…, never acknowledged a need to ask if the Amonix stuff is working, or if the people who operate the power plants will even be able to honor the terms of their power production contracts. John decided my email was 100% political I guess, and he told me I was a “real piece of work” 🙂
        If you look throught his comments, it seems to be a pattern..

        I countered with… “Jon, I didn’t really expect you to follow up on the story”…

        He thought himself clever by calling me a believer in black helicopters or some such thing.

        It really does make you wonder, where do you find a guy that is interested in taking on a good local story? Well, in this case, you’d need some basic math spills, and if you were looking at Hatch fo rinstance, you’d need to be able to count up to five… (5MWs)

  3. bob g says:


    lets look at the possibilities when it comes to Jon’s attitude

    option 1: he is too stupid to understand or conceptualize the question being posed to him by you?

    option 2: he is politically motivated to provide cover for the left wing or at least those associated with this project?

    option 3: he is under heavy restriction by his bosses, who might also have either option 1or option 2 issues?

    option 4: he is being bought off to provide cover?

    my bet is its some part or combination of option 1, 2 and 3. although option 4 might be within the realm of possibility too, what might it take? a nice dinner or two, a couple tickets to a ballgame or some such?

    anytime someone you engage in discussion has to resort to name calling or other sorts of degradation in lieu of rational and reasoned response they are either covering for some agenda, have a vested interest or are just plain stupid!

    i think i know you well enough George to state the following,
    you are one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, rational, critical thinking men i have ever known. for some idiot to play the 3rd grade mind game (black helicopters etc) tells me this joker is intimidated by you “and” by his lack of intellect.

    as you know i used to love getting into the weeds with these sorts of game players, and spent a lot of time doing so.

    remember what you always told me, and i still remember it to this day.

    “bob, when you wrestle with a pig, sooner or later you will figure out he likes it”

    didn’t make much sense to me back then, of course i liked it so maybe i was also a “pig”, however my time and tolerance for such endeavors is quite limited these days.

    having said all that, i do commend you on all your efforts, because someone needs to be asking these questions. even if we never get an answer, maybe they will be hesitant to be so blatant with spending our money if enough questions keep popping up?

    btw, don’t know if i have told you lately, but

    thank you for all you do!

    bob g

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