I don’t get why they don’t get it!

As I watched Bernie, the other night, I listened to the applause when he mentioned healthcare was a right for all people. I wondered, why not food, as you have no health without it? But why not shelter, as you have no health without that either?
And of course, since it’s a right, none of us need do a thing to get it, we’ll all just sit around on our ass.

For those who are upset about what it says on our Money, will they ever understand how wise our predecessors were?




I always wonder about Atheists, I wonder if they’d be foolish enough to surrender their ‘God Given Rights’, and place their lives in the hands of men?



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  1. Bill Tubesing says:

    Liberals and atheists … Often do not think past their immediate gratification and
    yet they look for someone else to save them. Just as they runaway.
    Odd how they spend someone else’s hard earned money and not their own.
    I call that greed… Far worse than the susposed greed of a capitalist.

    Signed a greedy HS graduate…doing well

    • George B. says:

      How far ahead do we push our thinking? How much does that have to do with a reflection on the past? ‘In God We Trust’ should be a warning to all men as to how deadly it is to trust in man.

      • Bill Tubesing says:

        True.. I agree with you. As we get older we become cautious of others .. So In God We Trust, our founders knew the frailty of human nature.

      • michael perri says:

        and how easy it is to trust in God, that was my original understanding of your post, on the grounds that one is willing to work. too many meanings, is the problem with the language the world is choosing to adopt. i’m so confused.. is it english or american? england has a peculiar version of what we speak but rather different… they speak english? but so do we? have you ever seen eric sloanes work?

  2. Bill Knighton says:

    You have had good things to say about Ayn Rand in the past.
    There is no need to wonder if she attributed the origin of her rights to a consensus. Clearly not. The same is true for anyone with libertarian leanings. Religion is not the indicator. Over countless conversations I can certify that statism is common amongst progressives across all religions and even amongst conservatives. But certainly conservatives still win that contest.

  3. Bill Knighton says:

    Ask the pope about gun rights

    • George B. says:

      It’s possible that the Pope and Bernie are Brothers?

      If we ask Questions of Bernie, aren’t they the same ones we might ask of the Pope?

      Health Care is a human right? Don’t we all know and agree… without food there is no health, without adequate shelter, there is no health, without transport to and from the food, there is no health.

      But who is it that would argue over the benefits of a glass of wine with a meal, and what fool doesn’t understand that good music helps wiht the digestion.

  4. Bill Knighton says:

    based on their ideology only their mother can tell them apart

  5. Joshua Skinner says:


    Do you know any atheists?


  6. Quinn says:

    Well, it looks like Trump is going to be our guy. Like the bumper sticker says, “Anybody but Hillary.” Cruz just caved today, so we’ll see what happens. It’s surprising how much of his popularity is attributed simply to so many people’s despair at the ineffective leadership of the loyal opposition, that is, the GOP, in the aftermath of 8 years of Hope and Change. And Hillary promises more of the same.

    Cruz didn’t excite me. I don’t think he could have beat Hillary. But Trump worries me, since his mouth doesn’t appear always to have a reliable connection to his brain. He’s not stupid. Maybe just impulsive. But perhaps it’s time for a loose canon to sweep some of the deadwood overboard, and to have our adversaries wondering what he might be capable of. Politicians in recent years have been awfully predictable.

  7. George Breckenridge says:

    Quinn: Any Mad Hatter before Hillary. I’ve read too much from sources I trust.

  8. Walter McDonald Jr. says:

    I spoke with a Bernie supporter yesterday , she was all about the free stuff. I asked her WHO was to pay for all of it . She said the RICH . I told her first that there is nothing FREE then if you took all the money from the so called rich it would not run the system but for a day . Then she wanted to take all the money that corporations have in offshore banks . I stated is that not a commie idea and robbery ?
    I told her go back in Our history look at how the country ran before the FED bank was started and before income taxes came to be .
    I also told her NOT everyone needs to go to college we need craftsmen brick layers mechanical folks to build and fix stuff . There are people in my family that have degrees and will never find a job to use them , just too dumb for their own good.
    all the while I was talking with this girl her daddy stood there bobing his head and smiling , said I was right but she wouldn”t listen to him !

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