Ensenda, what’s that?

 An email from Diyer Phil P. 


This item addressed to me was delivered to a home MORE than a mile away from here.  The lady that received it knows me and called to say it was at her house.

Amazon uses a free shipping service for some items valued at $25 or more and now I know why its free shipping.  Not Fedx, UPS or USPS but some outfit called Ensenda.  I googled them up under Ensenda complaints and the reviews ain’t to good.

Some searches using my address are correct while some show me more than a mile away from where I’m actually located.  I believe they used  the incorrect search to locate me – BUT the house numbers are way different a mile away but they still left my parcel there.  

Sure, we know they won’t be working for Amazon long if they keep doing this..

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