East Coast Storm, muse of the day 2/10/13




As we all watch this storm roll through, thoughtful people know there will be more to follow, a generator could be a great investment, Governments at all levels have never promised you more,  but you know they can’t be there to power that simple little motor in your gas furnace so your family can be warm in the middle of an outage.

Storms have rolled through for longer than man has existed, and it’s a guarantee, there’s more to come. I was wondering today how many are waiting for Al Gore to bring and end to storms? How many are listening to Bill Nye the Science Guy? Bill… just how much ‘hands on’ does this guy have? He did have a Job as a Boeing Engineer for a while, but my bet is that the majority of DIYers have more hands on, he’s been more focused on comedy, and science for kids. Yes a mechanical engineer he is, and so many like him at Boeing. Not a bad thing at all. But here in the Puget sound Basin, we have so many of them, and we make jokes about them.  Example:  And why did he build a house with such a goofy floor plan? Answer: because he’s a Boeing Engineer.

But seldom do you find a Boeing Mechanical Engineer who wants to lead the parade on the Global warming debate. A good Boeing engineer knows his limitations.   I guess I write this to say.. there’s everything to be found on the internet and beyond, every opinion, and every kind of product. It’s the reason we invest our own time to study.  And we ask questions.. like why do people wear bow ties?

Today, we should all give thanks we are safe and warm, and for those who are not, we pray they don’t take risks with gasoline fuel. That they don’t refuel a generator near the house, don’t even bring it inside the garage. These are times when no one may be able to help IF you manage to start a fire, so you will be extra cautious.  Know about the fumes, and the cases where they’ve built up in a garage and were touched off by a near by pilot light. and don’t we know about carbon monoxide, and the people it has killed.

Maybe we do take the risk of giving advice and helping a neighbor when we see them taking too much risk? It might be better than wishing we had done so later.  

Gasoline is dangerous stuff… it need be handled with as much respect as a loaded gun, and maybe New York really should limit the size of fuel cans to seven ounces.

Stay safe.







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7 Responses to East Coast Storm, muse of the day 2/10/13

  1. dave s. says:

    You owe me a new keyboard with that last comment about 7 oz of fuel.

  2. bob g says:

    yeah, that’s the next big thing George

    get a bottling company to package gasoline in 7oz pop can’s for sale to new york customers with a generator!

    there has to be millions to be made with this one!

    bob g

  3. Mel Ensor says:

    Hi George, fuel storage has always been a thorny issue here in UK. Years ago when the heyrabs throttled back production our politicos geared up for possible rationing and enacted legislation restricting fuel storage to 2 imp gallons. this sort of legislation never gets repealled!!!

    Last year the fuel delivery drivers threatened a strike which usually results in panic buying leaving no fuel at the pumps, what did our politicos do??? they urged people to keep a couple of jerrycans of fuel in the garage to carry them over the strike!!!

    Result…..fuel panic buying as people filled their cars and their jerrycans to such an extent that there was no fuel at the pumps. The joke was that this completely took the wind out of the delivery drivers sails and they called the strike off.

    Just shows that where rules are concerned politicos make ’em and if they want they can break ’em!!



  4. George B. says:


    It’s amazing how flexible laws are, both here and there. Jerry cans in the garage, you can get away with it most times, but if you’ve seen what I have; you’d never put your name on the list of those who advise it. And to think, these are the same people who confiscated your unloaded gun.

    We have bred a voting class who can ignore any law in order to support the person(s) who appear to lead their cause.

    And here, we’ve grown our own Royalty, and we allow them to live outside the laws they create for us. An example is Health Care, they know how bad it will get, and we allow them to create the Health care plan of Kings and Queens for themselves. It lives on after they leave their public service job. If we were smarter as a collective, we’d demand an end to the term ‘public service’, as we can clearly see they serve themselves.

    Example: Harry Reid, a man who has only known a public service job, he’s worth millions and tells us he’s just good at picking stocks! It’s not than anyone beleives him, it’s more they don’t understand he robs the public purse.

    Fuel Storage. best do it outside, and do give much safer diesel a thought, our gasoline over here is tainted, and doesn’t store so well.

  5. bob g says:

    congressman have always traded on insider info, the same sort of thing that puts regular folks in prison they have done with impunity.

    what? you need me to get this law passed so your company will benefit? sure, no problem, just let me go buy a bunch of your stock first, then i will get your bill passed tomorrow!

    they would put us away for a very long time doing half as much.

    its no wonder how a congressman or senator can become a multimillionaire and never work a day in his life….

    good at picking stocks? ya right!

    bob g

  6. Bill knighton says:

    Mel, what are the uk laws on propane? Can you have 20 and 100 lb bottles?

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