DIY Storm Generator, Mitch Leland… Texas

Just like Songs, about the time you think you’ve heard it all,  there’s a new and catchy jingle you really like..  DIY is the same way for me.  About the time I think I’ve seen it all, something a little different pops up..

Art Decco

 Mitch’s DIY flows, the Utterpower pulley was easily modified by turning a spud in the back to index into the same area the stock pulley mounted.  He’s artfully located three holes for mounting bolts, and dresses it up with counter sunk hardware.

The belt cover looks to have been designed by one of those high end Italian art studios.

Yes, Mitch could have put Mini mag wheels on his work, but then it might have been so pretty… some woman would come along wanting to cut the gas tank top out and use if for an indoor flower planter!  A guy has to know where to stop 🙂


 Great Job Mitch.. visitors.. do consider liking Mitch’s youtube video 🙂





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7 Responses to DIY Storm Generator, Mitch Leland… Texas

  1. MITCH LELAND says:

    Thanks George, this project wouldn’t/couldn’t have happen without your help and guidance. You’re a patient man to have answered all my questions…


    • George B. says:

      It’s all about time Mitch, some times I have none. That Yanmar you choose might out live your Children 🙂 The utterpower pulleys are a thing of the past after the stock runs out. MY supplier took his wife on a dream vacation with the proceeds of my last payment to him 🙂 NO! not a Chinese guy I’ve never met, a guy born and raised in Billings Montana! A pulley set of 4.2 and 5.0 makes a great drive system for running the prime mover at 3000 rpms, and the generator at 3600. Get them while you can 🙂

  2. George B. says:

    The big ones were mostly used on the slow speed engines, with the EPA ban, the demand is low.. I question the wisdom in stocking them. My original reason for the stock, is no one made what I wanted to offer. I have time to think about the smaller ones.

  3. RODNEY NOBLE says:

    I love this DIY yanmar generator. Mitch needs to mass produce it! I “liked” it on YouTube.
    Also, have you seen the prototype 6kw 1800rpm two cylinder liquid cooled diesel generator that Aurora is working on? Here is the YouTube link:

  4. Roy Taylor says:

    Do you have pulleys
    available to
    link s195 changfa to a
    10kw st head?

    • MITCH LELAND says:


      I got my serpentine pulleys from George at Utterpower. He figured out what I needed, he had a guy in Arizona machine one of the pulleys to get me the correct RPM’s for the generator. George is both a nice guy and smart…

      Talk to George: “”

      I hope this helps…

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