Current Events, Agenda 21, a Guide for our Children?

Amazon Books… Is this the better place to learn which way the wind blows? We know of people who sift through the past in an attempt to understand how a civilization met its demise and why.  But how many study how modern civilizations are doing it in the here and now? Europe is crumbling as we speak, and your children bring you news that it’s Utopia over there!  

It’s fresh in your mind, you’ve watched a few debates and see how differently they are perceived. It amazing.. we are all human beings, we all received an education of some sort, but we can’t seem to agree even on black and white.

Using Amazon again, let’s locate Dr Ileana’s new book

This is a book I’ll own, written by an American who knows how many Americans would unwittingly give away the great gifts given them, and having no clue that many would sacrifice it all to have what we have.

I don’t consider this post politics, I consider it part of being prepared and knowing from where the wind blows.  Keef sent me a picture of a silly looking Vertical wind turbine mounted on a home in Oz. It was sold as a ONE KW machine, and I’d bet $50 you wouldn’t see that output at 256 MPH!  What mind buys this junk? I think you know. It’s all those people who studied at the foot of the enlightened one.  Not only did they buy the snake oil… they drank it.   

It’s Dr. Paugh’s book I’ll buy, but do take note of the book on the same topic, written as a Childrens guide !!!!!!  is this the one our Children are given to read in public school?  

It’s a battle for minds, and the left attempts to claim them as early as possible. It’s not like it’s a new ideal, they stole it from the past. Fortunately.. there are a few people who have personally experienced the so called utopian existence, and although they still carry the scars, they are here to warn those who will listen.

A key to understanding the here and now is the new twisted meaning of ‘sustainable’.  As you read this, there are planners in cities who have guides of how to place laws on the books that literally force property owners to redistribute their wealth in order to gain permission to do much of anything with their property. The laws read as helpful to a naive progressive, but just as you see the debates differently, if you read the city planners guide.. you’ll be horrified.

At the end of the day, I think we discover there two basic groups of people, those like us who want the freedom to DIY, and those with clouded minds who would turn over their children to slavers in return for the promise they will be fed.

Have you ever heard of Ramptha? Or JZ Knight? Is this rant of hers drug induced, or is she just repeating what Ramptha tells her? You decide…I post this because I’ve driven by her compound … her school of enlightenment.  She’s not far from here, I’m sure she has a children’s book in the works….


 What are your Children reading?



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6 Responses to Current Events, Agenda 21, a Guide for our Children?

  1. Russ Davis says:

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of this ,..umm,…person, J.Z. Knight.

    She is rather vocal in that clip considering how clueless she is.

    Now that I think about it. Most politicians (past and present) are also rather vocal and fall into the “clueless” category

    • George B. says:

      Russ, I just tossed JZ on the page as an example of the nuts out there, and the gullible who will line up to give her money. JZ Knight has been selling Vodo for a good many years, same as the United Nations. There are some politicians who are also Statesmen and Romney might be one, only time will tell.

      When you see a man who has done nothing other than public service rolling in money, it’s likely he’s into our purse. If only we were united enough to demand term limits…. likely never happen…

      • Russ Davis says:

        Term limits would be nice.
        Tie that to having politicians go into the private sector AFTER being in office WITHOUT collecting lifetime benefits from the government MAY change the policies they enact.

        Ohhh…it’s wonderful to dream…..

        • Ron says:

          Good Lord! Yes, just for the record, I do believe in freedom of speech, but this sort of thing scares me.

          • George B. says:

            Ron, I post it as a reminder.. thereare others out ther that wish to teach our children and Grand children.. maybe it’s important we make the time to ‘teach’ them..

        • pb2012 says:

          Once upon a time in Rome, elected officials were provided with a place to stay, which would have made prison seem like paradise. The idea was that in order to be an elected official, one would really want it bad enough to live in harsh conditions. Slowly but surely, incrementally, the Roman politrixians gained more and more power…….. until the country went belly up.

          PS. never mind “radical terrorists”… coke heads (JZ) like these are far more dangerous.

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