It’s very important they we give people proper credit for what they do.

New York Govenor Cuomo deserves full credit for the idea of assuring that lawful gun owners use the new limited seven round magazine instead of the existing 10 round and greater capacity standard magazines. Smart Manufacturers or Distributors will make the time to brand magazines of this capacity with CUOMO7.

It’s important that we all reference this new magazine and standard as the Cuomo7.



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5 Responses to Cuomo7

  1. Butch says:

    George, have you forgot about equal opportunity under the law?? Not everybody has a detachable clip weapon or even a weapon of any kind. Therefore I say put his picture on something that everyone uses,,,, toilet paper.

    I’d probably get a rash from using it too briskly, Grins.

    • George B. says:

      I really do think a person could make some good money selling commerative 7 round Cuomo Magazines.. I would consider engraving each one with something like:

      Cuomo7 Magazine for Legal Limited Home Defense
      Jan 2013

      Also consider offering a gold plated version, and ones filled with dummy rounds to be used as a desktop paper weight or conversation piece.. Yes.. just another muse….


  2. Nate says:

    in canada we have 10 rd pistol mags, but for rifles, like AR-15 or CZ-858 style mags, .. we can have 30 rd capacity mags so long as they have a rivet preventing more then 5 rds. (5 rd limit for semi-auto rifle, no limit so manual action, no limit for 22-semi) see, we already have the retard laws haha.

    • George B. says:

      A rivet you say? I wonder if Commie Cuomo will allow that mod, or does he want folks to buy an approved mag from NYC?

      • Nate says:

        Who knows haha, just makes no sense… not like a criminal couldnt drill it out. For the M1 Garand.. its an exception. Its the only semi-auto thats can have 8 rounds because of the enbloc clip. (a real clip, not a magazine being called a clip) haha

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