Here’s a first look at the new Chevy-Volt-Electric-Truck prototype with an on board Generator. Claims are it gets 230 MPG just like the sedan, but you know how marketing people and politicians lie.  This >IS< the truck the oil companies tried to hide from you. Who killed the electric car? Far bigger question, who killed the electric truck? And why didn’t the media report on it? Why is Utterpower the first? Look closely, you’ll see the Government Motors Logo…

Estimated cost will be around $165,000 USD, but you can qualify for a $100,00o sudsidy if you are in the low income bracket. Rich people will pay full price.

Lithium batteries are under the drivers and passenger seat, this keeps your butt warm in cold weather, and you’ll naturally keep the windows down in warmer weather.. they thought of everything, just like they did in the Sedan.. 

Thanks for the Scoop Bob!

George B.

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4 Responses to Chevy-Volt-Truck-Prototype

  1. Roger Roper says:

    I am still laughing!! Can’t catch my breath, I guess 1967 was a good year!!

  2. George B. says:

    Most of the Chevy Volt Technology was developed in experiments done in secret on rural farms across America.

  3. The truth finally surfaces!

  4. George B. says:

    The truth? I got it this AM!

    The Guy who sent me the photos says he found this posted on ‘smokestack’. I often mention there’s few things that the old engine crowd hasn’t tried or at least seen. I heard there’s a new owner that is planning to take this marvel to some of the shows this summer, so maybe you can see it up close. The rest of the story is so good, I need let the owner tell it! I can’t imagine what you’ll do with all the regen power you make going down hill in this thing….. why you’ll be driving for free down hill……..

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