A new perspective on an old Indian business deal

I’ve told the story of the purchase of a container load of Ashwamegh engines. We had a few problems and we were working with the company to try and get some help in resolving the problems.

Along comes an email explaining that due to the increasing  cost of materials and labor, our next order would cost us exactly twice the old price.

We again complained about the troubles we found in the last order. In return we got a letter of apology, and an offer to purchase the next load at one half  the new price mentioned in the previous email in compensation for our difficulties in sorting problems with the last batch.

At the time I was not impressed at all.. I wondered how they could keep a straight face though the whole charade?

I’m older now, I recently listened to President Obama’s  latest speech and listened as he talked about winning the Future (WTF). I listened how they were going to cut a few dollars off the budget, and then how they were going to solve every problem we have through more spending.. Yes, they ran the budget out of site, they’ll now knock off a few dollars and expect praise for the effort.

Now I look back on Ashwamegh…. their offer was generous compared to what Obama promised to do for the Nation. I no longer blame the Indians… I realize they’ve just been watching American politicians,and attempting to copy them…

George B.

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  1. Check to see if any of the staff you know from Ashwarmegh aren’t acting as consultants to the US. I had a similar experience with the Chinese ST manufacturers – both the Chinese and Indians know how to apologise profusely other compensate or rectify the problem. The commitment to do as good as you can and a drive that makes you want to do it better and honour are not global traits 🙂

  2. homealone777 says:

    Well; They know there’s a HOT market for them over here. It makes you wonder if someone’s struck a stratigic[ hope I spelled that right] deal with them. Everyone I know know’s that’s the best set-up for long term use, and if you look around you, and read between the line’s. You know we’re going to have to have plan-B. Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to electricity and this type of powerplant would solve half the problems we’ll face in a catastrophy. I pray for Japan’s people; They did’nt see it coming. Will we?!

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