A Generator Designed for Hurricane Service – and more!

It’s here! Hurricane season, happens once a year.

I’ve had the privilege of swapping notes and information with folks in Hurricane country for years. I’ve got pictures of wives KISSING their husband’s Generators sets, and stories of unbearable heat after the storm with no fresh water, no power, and no fuel.

We learn a lot of things from these outages, but some of the basics are:

Hardware Store Generators are made to compete in the market place, and many don’t need to run even 100 hours to satisfy 99% of customer’s expectations! If the manufacturer doesn’t do a good job of so called value engineering, he’s out of business.

You might need lots more than that in the first storm.

Another thing people learn the hard way is what it’s like to have too big of generator, you blaze through all of your fuel in a few days, and them sit with no power just like everybody else. Run a small AC unit, cool one room, conserve fuel, cook with the microwave versus the stove top. Manage loads, don’t buy a generator big enough to run the whole house unless you have a lot of fuel on site, and you KNOW when the power will return. Storm in Guam was memorable for many, some were three months without power.

Many times folks have no idea how poorly gasoline keeps, diesel is a fuel with a lot of energy and if you learn the simple methods to keep water out of it, it’ll keep on site for many years. You can’t wait till the storm strikes to buy fuel. If there’s no commercial power at the pump, they can’t pump you more.

Here’s a generator designed for Hurricane service and more! This is one that won’t break in the middle of your outage!

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