Utterpower’s 186PMG Prototype Generator

Note: The following information was retrieved from UtterPower’s archived pages. All information is republished for educational purposes. Any mention of items for sale or prices are outdated and no longer applicable.

186PMG prototype Generator120/240 60HZ AC PMG can carry loads at 4225 watts, with excellent starting of induction motors. but we rate it at 3KW Continuous and this includes high ambient temperatures.

As you can see, this is a fairly compact design, under the belt cover are two trouble free and efficient Allmand Serpentine Drive Pulleys, in this case, the engine is fitted with a 5.0 inch pulley, and the PMG fitted with the 4.2, this allows the engine to run at lower RPM which greatly extends it’s life over a 1:1 drive ratio. I think this engine is quite happy at 3000RPM, but 3600 is pushing the engine too hard to get the longevity out of it. Backing off even 300 RPMs in some of these higher speed designs can more than double the life of the engine.

This is only one example of a PMG gen set, but I’m sure you can see just how easy it is to build your own generator with the PMG and Allmand drive pulleys.

Allmand Serpentine Drive PulleysIf Mad Max was designing one, he’d be using the PMG and the Allmand drive pulleys, you can change the drive ratio in two minutes, and replace an engine in a few more minutes, the PMG has one moving part, if it isn’t part of the design, it can’t break!

This Engine has electric start, and it is not necessary to use the decompressor with the electric start. Cogging is not a big problem, and manual starting was easy for me..

Thanks to the EPA, these small diesels are much harder to find, I have found a few for sale, and you can email me for a lead if I have one at the moment.

All the Best,
George B

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4 Responses to Utterpower’s 186PMG Prototype Generator

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi George; I have one of these 10 HP Yanmar L100 clone engines, and according to the manual (for a real L100) they produce peak torque and fuel efficiency at 2400-2500 rpm. At that rpm they still produce in the neighborhood of 8 HP, which should be enough to carry well over 3KW continuously.

    • George B. says:

      Tracy…I need to pay more attention to the torque curve on these engines, since we don’t have the massive flywheels, we need consider starting loads on small air compressors, and other things we might run. A real world consideration might be the furnace motor in your propane or natural gas fired unit in your home, that extra 500 RPM is going to help cover these loads that come in and out, and of course help deliver more than 3kw for the peaks.

      But.. if your loads don’t include motors, berhaps, you can work even lower RPMs and increase longevity, and increase fuel consumption. I do have a Lister Petter single that has operated down low for a good many hours running a battery charger, it was an example of an engineered solution for smaller power at lower cost fuel/kwh.

  2. Jason Crapo says:

    Im looking for a chance of some plans for a pmg I have a machine shop and willing to trade work

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