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Please contact me about items on this page. FranzFranz Filter (Sky) Toilet Paper

 Toilet paper unit, Great for generator, edge filtering is simply the greatest!
some rust on this unit, mostly on the mount.  Fittings, gasket, clamps, it’s all here, and all looks good..$50 plus $12 shipping.


Slow Speed PMG Generator

Slow Speed PMG Generator

 These units were VERY expensive to the manufacturer of tape drives where they were first used. Thid unit was surplus, works good. Apply 12 volts, and it spins slowly wiht quite a bit of torque. People sed these to build wind turbines, and small hydro. I have been savig two for some years, and now know I’ll never get to all my projects, so it’s $98.00 delivered in the USA. I have two units..

 Classic Forney Arc Welder, NO cables, but 240 VAC plug and cable are here and in good condition.. The paint on this unit is still glossy! The box is made of aluminum. First $1oo takes it, and it’s heavy! Do note the bottom connections are for battery charging, a slow charge and fast charge are marked. There’s a thread here that discusses the Fourne, reasd down a bit to see comments form those who know the Welder.. http://www.ytmag.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=toolt&th=157226%3E

These units have 1 1/4 inch pipe thread fittings, they pop a plug out just above  freezing.

These can be used to assure your lister doesn’t freeze! Lots of other uses too. These are very expensive, but yours for $50 each.. less than I paid!  I’ll ship at cost..


Shandong 2105A,  An engine of German origin,  Finely made linkage, full pressure system, fuel and lube oil filters, cooling water routed as if it were designed for CHP.  Engine is 17.6 KW at 1500 RPMs, should run nicely under load down to 1100 RPMs. There will be a story about this engine on Utterpower. Engine comes with spares and tools. There’s even a screw cap over the aux starter hole where the hand crank fits! Top end is lubed via wicks and trays.. lube one or twice a day.. Not shown is round fuel tank.. Custom frame is heavy wall angle.. Engine mounts and cross ties are welded in with 6011 rod.. should be VERY strong. This engine is found powering fishing boats and even line shaftign in machine shops and other remote operations across Asia.   

This engine was designed to burn a wider variety of fuels..  Collectors, you won’t see many of these, and they are now illegal to import! If you could, you could easily spend $2000 in shipping! First $3200 cash and carry..  This would make a great power plant for that old wooden boat, the sound this engine makes chugging along would turn heads!

9 Responses to Misc For Sale

  1. David H. says:

    George, can you educate us a little on the Shandong 2105A? In particular, you mentioned it was of “German origin.” I would love to know the original manufacturer, model, time frame, etc.



    • George B. says:


      I wish I had more info… but I don’t have any ‘facts’ about this engine, it was brought to my attention some years ago by an American doing some extensive travel in China. I believe this technology ended up in China about the same time as other German designs did. This is considered a serious industrial engine, in China.

      It is very much like the well thought out German machines of the 1930s, very purposeful and no corners cut. I Really do beleive the Chinese have been loyal in reproducing what they were given. The quality of the chrome plating on caps and fittings is not up to German standards of the period, but what is today? The fit an finishes on the importan stuff looks good to me. There is a very nice English Manual for this engine, and it’s not a poor translation by some Chinese guy that spent a month learning english. It is a hint that this engine was exported to the west in some numbers.

      I want to keep this engine, but I also want to reclaim the area where I store it. This is a gem, wish you lived closer, I’d invite you over for a look..

  2. chris says:

    hi . i just blew the fan out of my st 10 head and i need a replacement , anyideas were a guy might look for one??

    • Keith Jahn says:

      Hi I’m Keith, I have a almost new metal fan, I bought from Georgia gen. It’s in a 12 kW, 42 mm shaft. I believe the 10 kW is the same size . Give me the diameter and I will see if it the same , if you are interested.

  3. Phil Kurta says:

    Hi George,Two things . Your contact form wouldn’t let me verify, so contacting you through this hopefully. Firstly, I have a lister 6/1 that was pulled down ages ago and is now ready for reassembling. My question is that when referring to one of the manuals I have. The crankshaft assembly lists as follows;

    2 – spacer
    2A – oil thrower
    3 – main bearing
    9 – felt ring seal
    Now I cannot find any thing that resembles the oil thrower 2A in my parts. Am I missing something ? this part looks like a thin ring in the Plate #5 in the parts page. I have read that the cranshaft end float is made using gaskets against the crankcase. Can you help? Secondly do you still have the franz filter?

  4. Frankie Edging says:

    Can you tell me where to buy the 2nd bearing adapter for a generator head with J609b adaptation. I have a nice generator head that I would really like to use, but its taper shaft and I need to adapt it to straight shaft 2 bearing unit. I seen a post you made about this being done and said if there is interest it could be sold, but never gave contact information or a way to show interest. I actually have 2 of these gen heads in perfect condition that engines failed on both and due to them being diesel engine’s they are incredibly expensive to repair. both need engine blocks of the yanmar 12hp design….several thousand for new engines.

    • George B. says:

      In that write up, I simply cut off the end of the engine’s crankshaft, and then sourced a bearing with the right ID. If you are to use a taper lock bushing, you really don’t need to cut a key way. There’s one bit of advice you need to hear, to make it a good Two bearing assembly you will engineer in the front mounting feet into the adapter that carries your new bearing. this is a simple job for a machinist. Make sure you keep that long threaded rod that holds the tapers together.

  5. Keith Jahn says:

    Hi George, is there any place that I can purchase a 8.25 6 or 8 groove pulley ? Thank you and have a great day , Keith Jahn , Sumpter , Oregon.

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