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The BLM lights the fuse

I think every parent should make time to teach their children Chess. Checkers is the place to start, but Chess is so much more rewarding, and more like real life.

This week has given us more lessons to reflect on, and I think it’s a splendid example of the power our ever growing Federal Government thinks it has. And interesting battle has been brewing for some time, and it doesn’t really matter what side you take, it’s worth your analysis.

The Bureau of Land Management in Nevada decided it was time to settle up the score with Cliven Bundy, you can find all the stories on the net you’d care to read.

What you need get out of it, is that the ‘BLM’ Bureau of Land Management, no longer see themselves as managers, but now they’re ‘Armed Enforcers’, equipped with military weapons, and even sniper training according to witnesses.  This is exactly what has happened in other countries  when Government grows ever larger, they seem to take on every role.

However wrong Bundy is, it does not give you or the Government authority to operate outside the law.  The BLM brought in heavy equipment, destroyed property belonging to Bundy, and according to witnesses shot animals, one bull was in a pen and shot five times from a helicopter.  IF true, can we rationalize the senseless killing of an animal for revenge?

What should alarm you is there are people who condone what the BLM did, they suggest that Bundy had it coming.

There’s a good change, that the BLM has given Bundy the winning hand in court.  They had the high ground, and gave it away. All Bundy’s Attorney need do is ask the BLM for the court order that gave the BLM permission to destroy property and shoot animals, if they don’t produce that, then YOU will likely pay.. I think that’s the big problem here, the BLM didn’t pay the millions, they spent to organize the round up of Bundy’s cattle, or hiring the trucks to transport cattle illegally across state lines (their intended goal).

It’s interesting to note that the Utah Governor ordered that the cattle not be brought to Utah without the typical brand inspections, health checks, and proper authorization. He clearly understood that this action was clearly outside of the law, and acted to protect the taxpayers of Utah that might have become part of a nasty and expensive lawsuit.

We’ll all get to see this played out in court. but what we should note.. is there are citizens, and even elected officials like Harry Reid that might approved of what they did?

Here’s Jon Ralston comment:

If we listen to people like Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, we hear first hand accounts that this is exactly how it all started in Romania. First came the division of the people, rich against poor, and then, any small divide between the people was exploited. Can anyone argue that this is not happening here?

I think we’ll look back on these days and note how few people have the skills to anticipate even two chess moves ahead.

George B.

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Another find! 12/2 new in the crate, and an Utterpower PMG!


This item found by a friend of utterpower, I’m sure both pieces found a great home..

As a public service, wish I could remember who just asked for a 12/2 :-(

As you might have noted, 12/2s are getting hard to find, and the clones are mighty expensive (by my standards).

But now, a very motivated seller in Utah, he’s asking for $2500 for the 12/2 and $1000 for the PMG with pulley, and this is the one with improved and generous connection box.

Terry has pictures, you can email him or call him…  very motivated, so do not hesitate to make an offer, he needs the room, and as happens, life’s plans have been altered..



Yes, this contact info has been altered slightly to keep robots from spamming Terry.. give him a call! This is a popular brand of 12/2 clone. If you can’t decipher the email or phone number you shouldn’t be around machinery..





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The Mother of Automation?




The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.


Quote: The mother of Automation is the Higher Cost of Labor.

George B. 2014

No… you shouldn’t expect the cocksure to ever figure this out.. especially Socialists like Kshama Saywant and my Washington State Senators to mention a few.

If you haven’t been following Seattle’s City Council Socialist Kashama Saywant, you are missing a good show.  Her goal is to raise the Minimum wage For Seattle to $15 an hour. This WILL literally destroy a lot of small business because the business model they are founded on will not work with the higher cost of labor. Saywant has no sense of business, which allows her to operate within the utopian business plan.

Bill Gates is a liberal in many if not most ways, but he warns of what’s ahead.  all I attempt to share here is Saywant unwittingly accelerates what WILL happen, and that is… a superior hamburger will be made by automation soon. Saywant’s efforts just makes it happen soonest.

But perhaps even as obtuse, are my Senators,…… one should know better…

All the best,

George B.

PS… I claim the Quote on Automation, it’s been going on since the wheel, but it’s possible we see more changes in a month, than some saw in a lifetime.




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Who do you trust?



Here’s a brand new post:

Isn’t it about time you note how corrupt >your< government is…..



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Ivanpah Coming on Line!


Yes, they say they’re ready to flip the switch on Ivanpah!  Do you remember the game of MYST? The eerie silence, and monoliths of the past, will Ivanpah be part of some future game?

Isn’t it time to step forward and see if you can predict the efficiency of this power plant?

Here’s info from the NREL, does this plant have a natural gas turbine on site for back up? They make it sound that way…

The cocksure know it’s a great idea, they have no need for chalk. The banker only cares if there is someone on the hook to pay whether it be a good idea or not.

Mother Nature almost always delivers a surprise, she’s complicated, and often trips up men who want so badly to believe.

I muse: When you double the cost of a KWH, just how much emissions do you create with the added efforts of the Rate Payers to earn the extra money?

A recent muse of mine follows .. and yes! I would love your prediction!

Unless you can seal the concentrating section off from earth’s environment, you will have a plant degraded by all those little things mother nature challenges you with, AND when you change the environment as they have done here, it may take 5 years to see all the new residents show up that you either wittingly or unwittingly invited in. An example, the mirrors give cover, they will likely act as a ‘cover crop’ and allow new species of plant to grow, with these, a further change in soil moisture, and what bugs will move in? What rodents will show up to chew on cables, and what raptors to hunt the rodents. Have you ever seen an owl poop? Will this facility in the desert be a little like an artificial reef under the sea? What all moves in and sets up house? The cocksure have faith that the income will be great enough to tender maintenance and make a handsome profit. The Banker? He has no concern for the mechanics, he only notes that the project is underwritten by the public purse, and you are stuck with payment no matter how bad or good the idea.

Here’s some thoughts.. and don’t you know it will be a bad omen IF there is no meter the public can access to watch power production hours and days, and spreadsheet data that might show us that efforts are in place to maintain the plant at efficiencies promised.


So, now it’s your turn, is Ivanpah  just a test site, or a proven concept with a guaranteed outcome as per the cost of a MWH? If it’s a test site, it’s a big one! feel free to share a link of Ivanpah coverage, both pro and con..

Let me share this one


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Email of the Month?


Cool looking old switch I found in the bowels of a Seatle Building.

I don’t think it can get any better than this, you can read this from bottom up to get the conversations from first to last email..


There have been numerous qualified electrical engineers who have vetted this unit.
If you can’t figure it out then don’t reply. If you want a challenge then try to duplicate it.
Go to : and see for yourself.
The first time I saw this I thought, like you, it was BS. I researched it and found that over unity is possible. Just for a moment take the blinders off, blinders are a shortcut to thinking.

> From:
> To:
> Subject: RE: Contact Form: Coil shorting?
> Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 19:49:09 -0800
> This is pure bull shit..
> —–Original Message—–
> From: [] On Behalf Of Tony xxxx
> Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 4:40 PM
> To:
> Subject: Contact Form: Coil shorting?
> From: Tony xxxxx
> Subject: Coil shorting?
> Message Body:
> Hi George,
> I’m not smart enough to figure this one out.
> Here’s a link:
> thanks, Tony

> This mail is sent via contact form on


If you believe in the impossible, you’ll likely vote for it too.





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The Second Amendment At Work?

A Darwin Award in the making?

Our new Healthcare

Big Government Always turns out good.


We know how the human brain works, people develop a belief and then do everything possible to dismiss evidence as to why they could be wrong,  and inventory every bit of evidence as to why they are right!  Be honest… we all do it to some extent.

In the news is one of the truly dumb things I’ve read so far this year. Law enforcement Officers dumb enough to enforce a ‘no knock’ break down the door arrest warrant in a State that gives it’s Citizens a very clear right to use deadly force to protect themselves WHEN they are confronted in such a way.  Especially in the classic situation where your brain is processing in a ‘fight or flight mode’.

There’s nothing funny about the loss of life, but there will be people who think these officers should be up for one of the Darwin awards of 2014.

For those of us who are thoughtful, should this single event be a reminder to all Law Enforcement as to what orders they should refuse to enforce? It certainly doesn’t matter what I think, but it may be about life or death IF the Officers don’t think it through.

We really do need know how the human brain is wired, and the mechanics of fight or flight, and how it has been developed over the course of thousands of years to keep you from being a meal. If it works properly, you don’t stop and think, it’s more like a program that’s auto executed.

In my mind, this is  a clear sign of over reach, and it might test a few of my friends that are anti gunners, and even anti second amendment. They pretty much hate the Cops too, choosing to harbor the events where they are Bullies, and to forget about the good deeds they do.  I have every confidence that they will rationalize it all in their minds, but how?  Will they think their obedience, or how they vote will keep this from happening to them?

In my mind this is EXACTLY what the second Amendment is all about, It should be in the mind of LOAs and Crooks at all times, it is part of the purpose for such a well thought out law.

As for those who wring their hands over any gun death.. and say it is the worst thing they can imagine. They are the same ones who can read about starving children eating weeds, they can watch just over the fence, as mad men club to death whole families and bury them in a ditch.  They can watch it all, and then tell you it can never happen in our back yards, and you are only a loon to think it.

It’s my thought that they think their superior minds can really create that utopia on earth that never has been.


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Real Changfa Brand 195s for sale


Real Changfa Brand 195s  for sale:

As a service, I thought I’d share there are two brand new (in the crate) 195s in Western Montana for Sale.

Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of the imported Chinese Horizontals, and the problems.  There certainly were batches of engines to avoid, and others quite good. Some engines had some internal plastic parts known to fail, others did not have pressure reliefs on the output side of the oil pump, easy to test for, and easy to fix.

Why are these for sale? Mac bought a number of engines back then, and like many of us, he realizes it’s time to reduce the stock piles, we are long on projects, short on space, shorter still on years left. And it’s time to get rid of some of the surplus.

Mac is asking $895 for the engines, and is wanting best offers as well. No reason you can’t use comments here to Ask questions.

I’ve known Mac for a good many years… I’d trust him with my Dog or my Wallet, he’s an off gridder, and a very talented man, I’m sure there’s some pictures of his place on my CD. His place is one of my all time favorite off grid visits. I bet he could charge admission just to see some of the amazing things he’s done.

The 195s make around 12HP at 1800 RPMs, you can turn them up to 2200 if you need more horsepower.  Many have been used to drive 1800 RPM (4 pole) heads directly. The standard set ups are belt driven, and there’s a pulley and tool kit included with the Changfas. Extra head gasket, and more. These are electric start me thinks..

If you have my CD, there’s plenty of reading on the cast iron Changfas. This is not a quiet engine, but few will give you more grunt. Like the Lister, it’s a simple engine, but the 195 has a balance shaft, and runs quite smoothly.

Noel Douglas is one of my best resources for reports on long term use. He received a batch of engines with some bushings NOT aligned with their oil feed holes last year.  This particular batch (Mac’s Engines) came off a seasoned assembly line with good oversight.

Plenty on the CD, and I do have some of those special $28 banjo  fittings that make it easy to plumb in an oil filter on this engine, you buy one of these, and I’ll gift one fitting for the cost of shipping ($1).

Mac’s number X406A-V360-M3254   yes you will have to ignore the Alpha characters, as they’re here to confuse machines that read my pages. I get no commission on sale, I only post to help Mac out, and perhaps help one of you find a good 195?


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Kshama Sawant, the Maiden of Innovation?


The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

Perhaps you’ve heard of her?  She’s left her own country, as it is full of problems she says.., the same ones she has come to Seattle to fix.

The Valley that lays south of Seattle is full of lessons, exactly how it was taken away from Agriculture, and converted to a sea of warehouses is a story for another day.  But this Sea of warehouses  employs a good number of unskilled workers. They come here from far away places, some from the Pacific Islands. Driving  a forklift, and knowing how to read at least the numbers on a manifest  is about all you need to know.  

Sawant  mentions  Mumbia, she says it’s all wrong back home, but she can make it right here.  Her ‘all too simple’ idea is to fix it all by passing a law that unskilled labor should be paid a living wage.  Whether you are a hamburger flipper working a part time job in high school for spending money, or working a warehouse job, you should be paid at a much higher rate than the market is currently willing to pay.

Those who have the mind of a mechanic know that the Sawants of the world have no ability to think beyond the day,  or perhaps they are like the Witch Doctor, here to sell their false promises  to those who want to believe so badly?

The Sawant mind, and those like hers create wealth for the Engineers and Innovators.  When wages are forced up, there’s  plenty of new Innovations to sell.  That sea of warehouses that employs  the unskilled, just how hard is it to automate everything they do?  A warehouse here operates  nearly the same as it did 50 years ago, it’s a prime target for full automation, and all that is needed is a little more incentive for cost savings.

As  for  Fast  Food,  how many times have you received a burger too cold? How about those fries, have you received them so full of salt you couldn’t eat them? So many human factors that can literally spoil your meal.

If you have read thus far, you likely see the future…., that profile on your phone? It could have all the information as to how you like it, right down to the fries with no salt please!  The automated process makes them“Perfect every time”.  Burgers served,  and no more worries about healthcare, OSHA requirements, vacation schedules, and so much more.    

But  you ask, just how will we employ the unskilled in the future? Let me first ask, why is it the price offered to the unskilled is so low? Why is it the flood gates seem to be open, that we allow those who have no skills at all to immigrate here and makes matters worse? 

Raising the Minimum wage fuels  automation, it does more harm to the unskilled than good in the long run.  We need look at the messages  we are sending the young, at present, it looks like every good behavior is rewarded with a punishment of some kind. Savers are rewarded with no interest on their savings, and those who have acquired few or no skills rewarded with housing and financial aid.  No doubt, it’s a very popular thing to do with a certain sector of voters, but does it make matters better or worse?

Kshama  Sawant is here to sell what has failed a thousand times before, but her plan WILL drive innovation.  It’s a reason you should encourage the youth you know to  acquire the skills required to fill the need she and other Socialists will help create…. smarter machines that can easily replace the mindless work paid at a price that will drive new innovation.

It may be only 15 years or less, a Trucker will back his trailer into a slot. He will insert his key card, his trailer will be scanned,  any human intervention required might be done remotely via a camera and joystick, it might be done back in Mumbai?

Some never realize they're fucking themselves till it starts to hurt.

Some never realize they’re fucking themselves till it starts to hurt.










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What will men do for continued employment?

Do you remember what it was like to have a big mortgage?

collected cow farts

collected cow farts

It seemed to be a near endless pile of bills,  and about the time you thought you were getting ahead, something broke and needed  repair or replacement. Did your job seem far more important at the time?

If you are older now and free of those heavy responsibilities.  If your desire to acquire fancy toys has passed, just how much more likely are you to call BS on the charade? It’s not likely that the Cat had your tongue.

A  rather remarkable Testament follows,  the remarkable part? I’d say it’s remarkable because it’s so typical… all save for one part.  Many who have choosen to stay silent for years  continue to do so.  Do they choose to carry the lie to their graves thinking it will cause less of a stain?

When it all seems to be in perfect alignment with your politics, does it matter what the truth is?

The comments are full of learning. Know your Species, full of good deeds, and incredible weaknesses. No wonder so many of us seek a higher authority.



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