Who do you trust?



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Isn’t it about time you note how corrupt >your< government is…..



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  1. Pat Sweeney says:

    I’ve done a little research myself and found the following facts.
    Humans (all 6.6 billion of us) produce 47 billion tons of CO2 per year. This includes all the fuel burning & farm animals we are responsible for.
    Termites worldwide however produce 112 + billion tons of CO2 per year just by being alive. Termites are about 17% of the biomass of the planet.
    Ants worldwide produce 97+ billion tons of CO2 per year just by being alive. Ants compose 15% of the planets biomass.
    So instead of wasting more money on climate change bull crap we should hire more Terminix bug killers which will make our homes last longer, make picnics more enjoyable, decrease the unemployment problem, and reduce CO2 and save the planet.


    • George B. says:

      Pat, I think the Technicians clearly see what the Warmers are all about. There are the leaders who carry the banner, and those who follow do so on faith alone. What I find interesting; is many of them make fun of ‘people of faith.’

      Big oil is their Satan, but they often use many times the amount that friends of utterpower use. DIYers DIY because we became conservationists at an early point in our lives. I think back to my teens, I loved low mass vehicles, the lotus designs made my heart skip a beat. My peers? Most of them were into muscle cars.

    • George B. says:

      Pat… forgot to say… great Post!

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