What will men do for continued employment?

Do you remember what it was like to have a big mortgage?

collected cow farts

collected cow farts

It seemed to be a near endless pile of bills,  and about the time you thought you were getting ahead, something broke and needed  repair or replacement. Did your job seem far more important at the time?

If you are older now and free of those heavy responsibilities.  If your desire to acquire fancy toys has passed, just how much more likely are you to call BS on the charade? It’s not likely that the Cat had your tongue.

A  rather remarkable Testament follows,  the remarkable part? I’d say it’s remarkable because it’s so typical… all save for one part.  Many who have choosen to stay silent for years  continue to do so.  Do they choose to carry the lie to their graves thinking it will cause less of a stain?

When it all seems to be in perfect alignment with your politics, does it matter what the truth is?


The comments are full of learning. Know your Species, full of good deeds, and incredible weaknesses. No wonder so many of us seek a higher authority.



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3 Responses to What will men do for continued employment?

  1. JackG says:

    Thanks for sharing the link. Nature grinds away without regard to what we think. The carbon crowd creed is based on creating a new business model to extract money from a bigger pool of humans, like selling carbon credits, carbon inventory management, university grants, wind and solar, etc. In the interim, may they enjoy their winter propane and natural gas bills via the renegade vortex.

    • George B. says:

      Jack, it’s all a very sad comment about our species. If you’re not skeptical, you ARE gullible. Without the skeptics, there is no Science.
      The cost of this betrayal to humanity can not be measured. My bet is it will go down in human history as one of the more repulsive things
      men have done to other men. History tells all. I want my Grandchildren to know, I had no part in it.

  2. Hugh Conway says:

    Re: the lead photo of cow with methane collector………


    Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said.
    The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf.
    Thanks to the belches and flatulence of the 90 dairy cows in the shed, high levels of the gas had built up.
    Then “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames” the force said in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency.
    Emergency services attended the farm and took gas readings to test for the risk of further blasts, said local media.

    Cows are dangerous………….eat ‘em quickly

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