Rim speed of Cast Iron



This is put up in haste, saw an engine on ebay, that appears to exceed documented rim speeds for cast iron.. 01-06-06 

Advertised as 27 inch spoke flywheel, 1000 RPM

There are standards for pulleys and flywheels made of cast iron, it is usually based on rim speed or the feet per second the rim is traveling.

Take time to read about flywheel accidents, there is a HUGE amount of energy stored here.

Two facts:

There are dealers that are Salesmen, they are not Motorheads.

There are Indian Exporters that have no clue what engines they are buying or whether they are safe. When you have an exporter that knows all too little about the basics, that sells to an importer that may not be up to speed on important stuff like this, people can lose their life.

There is a report of a flywheel explosion and death in AU, and as it was reported to me, it sounds like the same make of engine.

This is a serious subject,   

George B.