SOLD! Listeroid 16/1 For Sale

Engineering student Sets up a Generator in Uganda

Engineering Student Sets up a Generator in Uganda







Updated 7/4/2016  Sold!  


As a service to Utterpower’s Friends, I am sharing the first word of a  sale: “There’s a new 16/1 Metro up for sale today in Easley North Carolina, zip code 29640.”  The owner has had this in storage since it was purchased some years back. Larry isn’t a mechanic and he replaced the injection pump and injector thinking that would be a good idea. Larry also spent $200 getting the stover wheels balanced. The engine has been run on a small wood frame for a few minutes, otherwise it is new.

Larry has no way to help you load. He assures me that you can back up a truck or trailer to the 16/1, but he has no lift.  As you know, you can move the world on pipe rollers, timbers, and ‘come alongs’ ; one need remember, these are top heavy, and larry’s home made wooden frame should help.

The price is $2200 or best offer, here’s your chance to get a lot of cast iron at a reasonable price, and you can own a preban engine!

For those who might know Off Gridder ‘Ken Gardner’ in Montana, he said the Metro 16/1 was his favorite engine used at his homesite, I think he was running WVO in it, and used it up until a fire attempted to incinerate it.

Larry has a lot of projects going at the young age of 75, I think he’s motivated to sell, he says the 16/1 is really more engine that he needs.

Larry’s contact info:   XXXXXXXCXXX  


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4 Responses to SOLD! Listeroid 16/1 For Sale

  1. Jim says:

    Easley is in South (not North) Carolina, near Greenville

  2. Roger Spruill says:

    I have talked to Larry about his 16/1, he tells me it has considerable vibration. There does not seem to be much information on the net about causes of vibration in the 16/1, is this just to be considered normal for such a large one cylinder engine, or are there common problems associated with it that would cause the vibration? In my research I can find plenty of info on the smaller singles but little on the 16/1
    Roger Spruill

    • George B. says:

      I attempted to school Larry some about running a 16/1 on a light and short 4×6 wood frame, I’d personally be afraid to run one at 1000 rpms IF it wasn’t tied down! Most of the 16/1s I’ve seen run far better at around 800 RPMs and still I’d install them of rail road ties, and set them in a trench with an inch or two above the ground. Or of course you could tie them to a slab of concrete… Here’s an opportunity to pick up a 16/1 from a man who insists he has a problem.

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