Ivanpah Coming on Line!


Yes, they say they’re ready to flip the switch on Ivanpah!  Do you remember the game of MYST? The eerie silence, and monoliths of the past, will Ivanpah be part of some future game?

Isn’t it time to step forward and see if you can predict the efficiency of this power plant?

Here’s info from the NREL, does this plant have a natural gas turbine on site for back up? They make it sound that way… http://www.nrel.gov/csp/solarpaces/project_detail.cfm/projectID=62

The cocksure know it’s a great idea, they have no need for chalk. The banker only cares if there is someone on the hook to pay whether it be a good idea or not.

Mother Nature almost always delivers a surprise, she’s complicated, and often trips up men who want so badly to believe.

I muse: When you double the cost of a KWH, just how much emissions do you create with the added efforts of the Rate Payers to earn the extra money?

A recent muse of mine follows .. and yes! I would love your prediction!

Unless you can seal the concentrating section off from earth’s environment, you will have a plant degraded by all those little things mother nature challenges you with, AND when you change the environment as they have done here, it may take 5 years to see all the new residents show up that you either wittingly or unwittingly invited in. An example, the mirrors give cover, they will likely act as a ‘cover crop’ and allow new species of plant to grow, with these, a further change in soil moisture, and what bugs will move in? What rodents will show up to chew on cables, and what raptors to hunt the rodents. Have you ever seen an owl poop? Will this facility in the desert be a little like an artificial reef under the sea? What all moves in and sets up house? The cocksure have faith that the income will be great enough to tender maintenance and make a handsome profit. The Banker? He has no concern for the mechanics, he only notes that the project is underwritten by the public purse, and you are stuck with payment no matter how bad or good the idea.

Here’s some thoughts.. and don’t you know it will be a bad omen IF there is no meter the public can access to watch power production hours and days, and spreadsheet data that might show us that efforts are in place to maintain the plant at efficiencies promised.


So, now it’s your turn, is Ivanpah  just a test site, or a proven concept with a guaranteed outcome as per the cost of a MWH? If it’s a test site, it’s a big one! feel free to share a link of Ivanpah coverage, both pro and con..

Let me share this one http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/02/bright-lights-dim-idea.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+powerlineblog%2Flivefeed+%28Power+Line%29&ModPagespeed=noscript


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3 Responses to Ivanpah Coming on Line!

  1. Harold says:

    “The dead birds included a peregrine falcon, a grebe, two hawks, four nighthawks and a variety of warblers and sparrows.”

    So, the Peregrine Falcon (plus eagles and others) became endangered species because of the use of DDT? Does that mean “DDT is not politically correct but solar power is?” I believe it does.

    Where is the next Rachel Carson who will write “Silent Spring II” about wind turbines, solar thermal power generators, and endangered birds?

    According to The Green Corruption Files blog, 32 Obama-backed environmental firms have gone bankrupt as of February 2014. But, what then should we expect from someone who promises “Under my plan of Cap and Trade the cost of electricity will necessarily skyrocket”?

  2. George B. says:

    Harold, the dream is becoming a reality! Will we pay triple the price for energy soon? Energy IS the life’s blood of the economy. Who is it that measures the added emissions created by the efforts of rate payers to earn three times the money to pay for the gang green energy?

    It is time to get the map out and color the Counties where it is unbearable to live as we do without cost effective energy? If the EPA will levy a $1000 fine for your use of wood to stay warm, can you afford to keep your family warm? What will your property be worth? How about where the heat is sweltering, and you can’t hardly breath without AC? As always, most humans ignore the trends till it’s too late to sell what you have and look for a more desirable investment. NOT because of AGW, but because of man’s cocksure plans.

    I guess it has everything to do with whether you believe the far left can get away with what they do?

    Ivanpah will be a costly power plant to run. The alarms should go off in your head when the NREL and DOE are excited about projects right up to the point they go online, and then they go dead silent! They’re cheerleaders, and have even paraded their woman to give testament of how great something is.. and then silence once it’s in the field? No follow up, no mention?

    Following is some of what the public needs to measure in order to know the value of Ivanpah. Installed cost per MWH, Maintenance expenses, daily power production figures, real costs incurred by other plant operators to start other capacity to cover Ivanpah’s shortages. Consider something like a cloud going over, and these plants going brown, if other capacity scrambles to produce power into the grid, they are normally paid at peak hours of production. Regardless of who pays in the middle, it is the rate payer and the tax payer that ultimately pays in the end, so you need know what costs Ivanpah creates, as the grid is a DEMAND load.

    Another way at looking at standby capacity, you know that a fully loaded natural gas turbine make the cheaper MWH, if plants are rolling half loaded so they can cover for a power plant that does not produce steady output, they generate with far less efficiency, and someone needs to pay for that inefficiency. If we do not show the real costs, we deceive ourselves, or so I think..

    There are minds that want to believe so badly, they are capable of taking very complex problems and reducing them to a yes or no question.

    No doubt there’s been a lot of study as to the environment, and I have little interest in measuring the deaths of birds, bugs and lizards. I visualize and new ecosystem created, those mirrors no different than a most effective cover crop, and it is unlikely that anyone will anticipate all the changes and challenges to the operating power plant. Who in their right mind build such a grand experiment? The answer? Those who are able to fleece the public’s purse.

    If the mirrors attract new bugs, and the mice and lizards come to hunt them. If the night birds roost on the mirrors to hunt and poop on the mirrors. If the intense UV destroys portable cables and infrastructure. If the plant goes into a heavy degrade because maintenance is too costly… expect nothing but silence out of the NREL and DOE.

    It’s quite amazing how AGW and the politics of the left align perfectly, the left is always cocksure of the way forward. Imagine an experiment this grand, what sound mind would allow it?

    Let me answer that last question for you. The answer is the richly rewarded sound minds. It is not the mind of the Statesmen. We get to watch people rationalize it all, no doubt they’ll never see themselves among the dupes, and somehow they’ll twist it all around and blame big oil?

  3. David says:

    This is just another, rather large example of the clean, green con job gone mad.

    I am SO sick to death of all this garbage being rammed down our throats. This destruction of the environment and squandering of resources could have been efficiently fulfilled with a Turbine setup running off natural gas. To set that up would have cost so much less, utilise known technologies with associated running costs, efficiencies, life cycles and everything else. OF course there is also the bonus of 24/7 constant power output.

    Instead, they go for some unknown that has a resource demand that will never be paid back and will most likely end up rotting and wasting away in maybe 5 years time. Maybe longer, in the scale of the resources used and money squandered, it will hardly make a difference.

    This maniacal compulsion to make everything clean and green is getting beyond my tolerance. The worst part is it is IMPOSSIBLE to satisfy the believers and brainwashed pushing it. No matter what you do, they whinge about something. There is always a drawback because something emitted a farts worth of Co2 or this doesn’t recycle well or the production process uses some energy or whatever. Now they are complaining about dead birds. When will these professional whingers shut up and get it through their thick skulls nothing comes without costs.

    The irony is, they actually create more emissions and consume more energy and resources with their clean and green crap than what would have been used had they done it the well proven, tested and developed way of the conventional technology.

    And to add insult to ones intelligence, the only time big business or gubbermint takes on any supposedly worthwhile clean and green initiative is when there is a buck in it. All the rest of the time the guilt trip is put on the individual to ” save the planet”.

    It doesn’t matter how many CF light bulbs I have in my home or how few I run or what I set the AC to or anything else. That Gubbermint building in town running massive lights for decoration purposes with the fountain pumping water and again lit up like christmas, is going to use up more power needlessly in a night than my home is probably capable of using in a year through the wiring being insufficient even if I did run everything 24/7.

    Add to that the amount of perfectly good products companies dump every day due to being old model, not selling well, over produced etc and the whole thing of trying to target the individual and make them responsible to save the planet is ridiculous and insulting.

    Here in Oz a few years back we had a solar scheme. Supposedly the grid was falling behind with demand, of course it wasn’t fashionable to build new power plants so the gubbermint put up a subsidy for people to put solar panels on their homes. It was taken up at a prolific rate so of course the gubbermint seeing the cost skyrocket and with huge, but hushed up pressure from the power companies, pulled the pin on it early and left only a lip service value incentive in place.

    Of course rather than this making power cheaper, the costs shot up because the power companies whined about lost revenue and lobbied and received permission to up prices… significantly.
    One may wonder how much more effective this desert destruction joke of a plant may have been if instead of being built, the money was put into solar panels for homes, especially given the local area seems depressed by reports.

    One then reminds themselves that logic and successful outcome were NOT the goal or even desired. The powers that be don’t want people, any people, paying less because they are generating their own power, they want an excuse to justify them charging them MORE.

    The one thing that you can rely on is the moment you see or hear clean, green, CO2 or save the planet mentioned, you know what follows is going to be nothing more than a corrupt crock of Shite designed to put money in someones pocket and will undoubtedly do more environmental damage and certainly squander more resources than the old ” Dirty” methods would have 50 years ago. The fact they cost many times more and are far less efficient and have shorter lives, IF they actually go into production, are just other features thrown in with the rest of the brainwashing and insult to your intelligence.

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