What is a DIYer?


It is a fact (in my mind anyway) that great DIYers have certain characteristics...

MY audience is, and will remain..

Computer literate with email skills. Among the best DIYers are Farmers, Ranchers, MEs, and EEs. There are also folks that were usually in trouble at age of 5 or so, they could never leave stuff alone, always taking it apart to look inside, some of these guys might work an office job, but they were born with the DIYer gene. Strange as it may seem, there are a good many Medical Doctors in the DIYer group... why is that?

As you may have heard elsewhere, there is also a theory that left handed people suffer from some form of brain damage, they sometimes have other traits often referred to as ADD, ADHD, etc. I suspect that there is a far higher than normal number of these people in our DIYer group.

It is my belief that >anyone< with the curiosity of a true DIYer can NOT ignore the internet and the information that it provides.

For those that I overlook and ignore, my apologies, but life is too short, and I am already old and slow and running low on energy. I will attempt to identify folks that will take phone calls and questions, but I no longer have the time to answer every email when it gets busy.

At 5:16 AM this morning my phone rang, it was a Virginia Farmer wanting info on Listers, the answering machine took it after 5 rings. I tried to return the call after 9:00am.. ring no answer.. no answering machine! Probably a nice guy, but quite possibly never has been out of his time zone.

One more example, guy calls here and I see where the conversation takes us, 30 minutes later, he's still asking the basics, I explain that there is a good deal of info on the utterpower.com WEBsite.. he says he'll ask his neighbor to print it all out so he can read it.

This experience reminds me of my previous life at the phone company, about 10 or more years ago? I was once asked to put together a training program for folks on binary logic. Two days later I presented an excellent package providing some of the best training I could imagine! Forrest Mims is one of the people I admire most, and I compare all electronic training I see to his excellent books. (Bill Rogers is in the same league) Yes! This was as good, and that's really saying something. It was a page of links to well developed mostly .edu primer courses found free on the internet; all in sequence; from simple gates all the way through Boolean Algebra, and it was excellent! The Department Head (VP) asked, "are you kidding????" you want our people venturing out onto the World Wide Web? It was my expectation that you would develop this course material and make it available inside the corporate network". Had I been more mature, or more desperate to continue my career long term, I could have contacted these .edu sites, and attempted to buy the rights to use them (in house).

From that very second, my whole life focus changed, I realized just how nuts this planet is, and today I fully understand that chaos is the normal state of business and government. A plan? Maybe, but I doubt it covers more than what happens next week. 

5/2009 Please note, the above was written in 2006, are things getting any better?

I have been thinking long and hard about what makes people who are drawn to these pages so special, as of this writing, I have worked with numerous Professionals, Ranchers, and far more. What I have learned is how critical it is to have hands on experience. Ninety Five percent of all Ranch Owners I know would be far more valuable on a equipment design team than most young people with their 4 year engineering degree, a lot of knowledge flows from the work, up through the hands and into the brain, it causes what you've learned in class to 'gel' and to become truly proficient.

There is another group interested in Alternative Energy, they buy green, they vote green, and they will have little use for this site. I have recently put up a page that gives you an excellent tutorial on these people, and how they think, It's a short article, and it may be your life by reading it.


Back on topic (Yikes!)

Ignore non DIYers, and you will in deed miss sales, but what will it take for you to support Non-DIYers once you sell to them? All the technical info and support is on the WEB, or on the CD.

My focus is the DIYer described above, I wish I had more life's energy, but I don't. Got a friend with no computer skills, no email? Don't tell him about us.

All the best,

George B.