New Zealand


Darren Hill

There are still a few people left in the world that believe in the square deal, and some believe it's important to know something about what they sell. Darren Hill is one of those people, and you can be assured I wouldn't recommend anyone that I don't have great confidence in.

New Zealand has a good many areas off grid, Darren Lives Off Grid , and has a strong back ground in AE. He is currently importing some Quality Lister 6/1s, and has my full support and that of a good man in India as well. We are working together to provide NZ with a high value generator and drive system for the 6/1. We plan to market a 50hz  5KW 220 volt PMG in NZ soon!  Darren is full of talents, and I learn a good deal from him. If you really want to learn this stuff, live off grid, Darren does, and a good bit of his income is derived from AE installs.