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Huge Chinese Singles: recalling my first encounter

During the VN War  years, we visited Hong Kong as a Liberty port. For a young sailor who liked mechanical things, Hong Kong was magic, so much was different, the food, the cars, trucks, buses, trams and more. The water front … Continue reading

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Jerry Bartlett (Crazy Jerry) top honors in Mileage contest.

If you are a friend of Utterpower, you’ve heard the name Jerry Bartlett more than once. Jerry recently shared with me that he was making good progress in getting a car ready for a high mileage contest and the results … Continue reading

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Muse of the Day, 10-5, DPF,Stuck Turbos

Do you own one of these EPA designed Trucks? Time to get off the political rant for a bit… I want to call attention to a post Brian made about his $55,000 truck  investment that the EPA mandated value out … Continue reading

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Stop the Insanity! Auto Safety Standards are Killing the Planet.

  If you are watching Auto related politics closely, you may have noticed that Americans have lost another Freedom, and that is our right to own one of the real super cars of the century, the Lotus Elise, a high mileage … Continue reading

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Beth Bucknaked and the 80mph Motorcycle

The Gang Green movement is built around articles nearly identical to this one.     The author is usually cute as a pixie, but like many if not most Gang Greenies, I think they have mechanical IQs that allow them to do little more than look under the … Continue reading

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Ford Think Neighbor Journal

9/12/2013 The Ford Think Neighbor Journal ? First off, don’t think this is about any Ford Think, this is about one that I bought without understanding the previous owner (a State University) had done nothing to take advantage of the many items … Continue reading

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Who killed the electric Car?

Now’s the time to watch this movie….. now that some time has gone by.  Now that the Leaf has proven that people were not lined up 3 miles deep to buy such a car…. and now… will they say the Leaf is no … Continue reading

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Sharon Silke Carty, Comments on the Chevy Volt.

Carty, Dip Stick Of The Week? Finally! We have an answer as to why such a popular car has poor sales figures!   If you’re like me, you’re sure if one out of every 50 people who told you they liked the Volt bought … Continue reading

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Crazy Jerry Has a new project! 110 MPG car..

  It wasn’t that long ago, I was talking to Steve Spense, of Green Trust Org. I think I mentioned Jerry Bartlett’s name to Steve, and he paused.. “Jerry.. you know Jerry?” I guess I wanted to say who doesn’t know Jerry … Continue reading

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Good Overview of ICEs and the challenge

Worth The Watch                                                                                                                                      No, I don’t think we need believe all they say, but the overview is good. If you have access to movies, you might consider watching “Revenge of the Electric Car.” It would be timely if you did, as we … Continue reading

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