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The Lotus Elise is full of Lessons, just like the Lister 6/1

I’m a Skeptic, but I’ll never grow wise enough to be skeptical of every design I see. If I were to write to capture your interest, I’d have written this in reverse order, but I write it like the mystery … Continue reading

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It’s a brand new day, but almost exactly like days of the past.

Will this activity create a new business for you? Oh the shock, oh the Horror of it all! I’ve actually heard people say they’d leave the country. Personally, I’m beginning to think that Washington DC is making every effort to take … Continue reading

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Developing Instructions to use a Toaster

One of the more brilliant technical works I have ever read was authored by Forrest Mims, but I’m not sure if there’s even a hand full of people that really know why they are such great works. My summary of … Continue reading

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David Edgington R.I.P.

How is it you learn of the Men who have the Answers? If you ask enough questions, if you are tenacious in your pursuit, you’ll likely find Men like David Edgington. David has passed away this May 22, 2016; we … Continue reading

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I don’t get why they don’t get it!

As I watched Bernie, the other night, I listened to the applause when he mentioned healthcare was a right for all people. I wondered, why not food, as you have no health without it? But why not shelter, as you … Continue reading

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An Important Question: Will western people learn anything from South Africa?

An important read: After you read this article, consider asking your friends if they know what’s going on in South Africa? What will we learn? I think the answer is nothing. One party unchecked… could it happen here? Maybe … Continue reading

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The Home Power Producer’s Guide to Electrical Reality is now on line at Amazon.

See my Page on Books, or follow this link to the Amazon page. I’ll refrain from copying over the reviews to this page, I insisted the price of the online copy be what it is, I think Bill Rogers did … Continue reading

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A new ruling worth a note?

Seattle Washington is ripe with Liberal thought, it is the tail that wags the whole dog here. A new ruling is worth a note? See the link below.  Now answer the question. If a Judge EVER accepts their argument, should he … Continue reading

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Today’s Challenge. Make sense out of this post.

Is there a more  honest environment to compare equipment and to access it’s value than an off grid site? I think the only challenge is the making of a complete inventory of your efforts and materials so you can know … Continue reading

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