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   Australian Listeroids and Accessories

                                  Scotty Allsop

Above: Aussie (Listgen in a box) picture courtesy of John Underwood. John shares that this unit was used in a sheep shearing operation.  It appears the original generator has been replaced. Thanks John for allowing us to share your find with our readers!

Australia had a good number of Listers, and other well made slow speed engines, but according to the folks I talk to, Australia is just like so many other places, parts are not readily available, and the few engines that are left are collector pieces, and are seldom worked hard because of their value.

Scoty Allsop is working to change that, he will be bring in the best of Listeroids, and provide Australia with a source of engines that can be worked versus used to show at the local 'old iron' shows.

Scotty will be stocking the better made ST gen heads that will mate up to the Listeroids, and I am sure that Aussies will enjoy simplicity in the out back with the combination of  the Allmand Drive.

Today I was visited by Bob R, his Brother was burning 20 gallons of gasoline a day to run a deep well pump on their off grid buffalo Ranch in a Remote corner of Oregon (24x7). Bob set his brother up with the Allmand drive, one of our 6/1s and a sturdy ST head, they ran 15 straight 24x7 days to fill a pond, and the fuel usage was 3 gallons of diesel a day! Needless to say, Bob's Brother thinks he's a genius!

The same thing will happen in OZ, they'll rediscover this work horse and wonder why in the heck the mighty UK quit making it. Well that story is elsewhere, this heavy single still lives, and is manufactured in India as we know.. the key is knowing where to get good work engines, and Scotty has experience and access to years of purchasing experience.

If you are in OZ, consider sending Sotty an email at scotty1@bigpond.net.au He has the full support of utterpower, and I think you will like dealing with Scotty as much as we do. Scotty is not just another Salesman, he is a DIYer, old engine collector, and has enjoyed slow speed for years.

All the best Scotty!

George B.